In Conversation with Kashmir Women’s Collective

JK Bank

“A collective for women, mostly Kashmiri, is an initiative to work towards a society where women feel safe and empowered in and outside of their homes.” Here members of the collective talk about their work, challenges and issues in Kashmir.

Moderated by Faakirah Suraiya Irfan

Camera and edited by Vikar Syed

Produced by Fahad Shah

Kashmir Box


  1. Why not have the discourse in Urdu or Kashmiri. Their agenda has flitted from teen age menarche education to violent husbands.Children should receive education on growing up experiences at school and domestic violence must not be tackled by ‘women only” organisation as if to demonise all husbands where screams of a fight are heard. There are some pressing issues germane to conditions of turmoil that have made life hell for women that should be addressed. Girls are not getting married and are vanquished to the vagaries of corrosive governance and exploitation , sexually abused and corrupted to be informers and covert workers. Revive the society from that level. Established families find ways to reconcile with attitude problems and in the end a small percentage end up in divorce.Work at basic level and get vulnerable girls married. I was very glad when I heard about the group wedding function held in Amar Singh club. It is a fantastic attempt at tackling an important problem.

  2. The need of the hour is to shed all negativities encompassing the most beautiful state of this country and our endeavour should be to understand the root problem. The fragrance of education must be inhaled by everybody. I know that people are biased and they take everything in a parochial way. I want to visit my Kashmir to talk to people of all sections of society.