Partition can happen again if lynchings don’t stop: Muzafar Baig

Muzaffar Hussain Baigh
JK Bank

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Muzaffar Baig Saturday warned of another partition unless the lynchings in the name of cow did not stop in India.

Baig appealed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make sure the   killings of Muslims in the name of cows and buffaloes is stopped in India , “ India has got divided once already, it can happen again if the killings  and oppression of Muslims does not stop,” he said while addressing party workers on the raising day of PDP.

Baig said that the PDP had joined hands with right wing Bharatiya Janta Party for the welfare of Kashmiris and Muslims of India, “We joined hands with BJP so that a trust is built between them and Muslims of India . Moreover, for the better treatment of  Muslims . We didn’t forge an alliance for the chair. ” he said.  Adding that God is witness that the party only forged alliance with BJP so that justice is meted out to Kashmiris and Muslims of India.




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