Malik condemns bomb attack in Quetta Pakistan

JK Bank

Srinagar: Terming killing of more than 150 innocent people at Quetta on July 13 as ‘barbaric and act of extreme cowardice’, JKLF chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik on Monday said that killing innocent humans for fulfillment of personal political motives can only be termed as ‘savagery’, which has no place in civilized human social order.

He condemned the attack on an election rally in Mastong Quetta Pakistan which has killed more than 150 till date.

In a statement issued to press, Malik said that “inhuman killings become much more gruesome and horrible when killers try to misuse the name of religion especially Islam to justify these.”

“How can Islam the religion of peace and harmony be used for killing unarmed men, women and children? A religion that terms saving one human as saving the whole humanity and killing of one human as killing the whole humanity cannot be used to justify innocent killings,” he said.

He said that killers cannot take refuge of a religion which derives its name from the word “peace” and restrains its followers from attacking unarmed opponents and even escort them to safety in times of War?

While expressing his heartfelt grief over the killing of more than 150 innocent people including a political leader Siraj Raisani in an attack in Quetta, Malik said that “our hearts go to the families of those killed and we pray for the speedy recovery of those injured.” (KNS)


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