Govt forces fire tear gas shell inside journalist’s room

The Jammu and Kashmir government forces have fired tear gas shell inside journalist Fahad Shah’s room at his residence in Srinagar just a while ago. Struggling with the respiratory issue, Shah’s mother faced severe breathing problems due to tear gas smoke.

One of Shah’s family member said, “The shell hit the window, falling straight on the floor of the room, where we sit and burnt the flooring of the room which could have led to the house in flames.”


Reportedly there were clashes going on between government forces and protestors in the locality, in which civilian residence are been often targetted by the forces. Due to the unavailability of internet services The Kashmir Walla could not extract the actual images from the residence.

This is the second time Shah’s residence has been targetted. Earlier on 19 June, the forces vandalized Shah-owned Maruti Suzuki vehicle parked outside his residence in Soura. In that incident, the forces entered the residential area and resorted to breaking window panes and vandalized two cars, despite there being no provocation from the residents whose property was vandalized.