Bridge washes away, 10 villages disconnect from Kulgam

The bridge has been washed away at Ashthal area that connects more than ten villages with Kulgam district in South Kashmir.

There has been a significant rise in water levels in the valley as interminable rains have continued for the third consecutive day. As per the weather forecast, more rainfall is predicted.


Meanwhile, the gauge reading recorded at 10 am were:

i. Sangam= 12.54 ft
ii. RamMunshibagh = 7.87 ft
iii. Asham = 3.08 ft

i. Vishow Nallah at Khudwani = 6.29 m
ii. Rambiyara Nallah at Vachi = 0.50 m
iii. Lidder Nallah at Batkoot = 1.54 m