BJP MLA accused of abducting ex-serviceman’s daughter in Jammu

A screengrab of a video in which father of the girl was protesting outside press club in Jammu.
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In a shocking incident from Jammu division of Jammu and Kashmir state, an ex-serviceman has accused a BJP legislator of abducting his daughter, an accusation denied by the politician who called it an attempt to defame him, as quoted in the reports.

A senior police officer of Jammu Vivek Gupta had told the PTI news agency that they have not received a complaint in the matter. “Once a complaint is filed, we will take action,” Mr Gupta had added.


Singh, along with his father and several neighbours from RS Pura, was seen protesting outside the press club in Jammu, raising slogans against the local BJP legislator Gagan Bhagat and claimed that his daughter has been abducted by him.

“My daughter got admission in Desh Bhagat University, Punjab, after I approached the legislator. She was in the first-year of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery course. I visited her on June 21 to take her home for summer vacation, but came to know that she was already taken by the MLA on March 8 without informing us,” said Mr Singh, a resident of Kalyana village at RS Pura said during the protest.

However, the legislator Bhagat was quoted by a PTI report saying that the “allegations are baseless and motivated, aimed at defaming” his public image. “Instead of filing a police complaint, if somebody holds a protest then there is a motive behind it. Going straight to the media to level wild allegations was aimed at defaming me,” a report quoted him telling reporters at a hurriedly convened press conference late on Sunday evening.

Details from the PTI report added that Bhagat has further said that he will resign if the allegation was proved right. He also said the girl had probably not gone home due to some “pressure”. “I am sure the truth will prevail”.

He, however, said he had been in touch with the girl. “Being a public representative, it is my duty to reach out to the people of my constituency,” he said.

“I told her that your family had levelled serious allegations of kidnapping against me. She is coming to Jammu very soon and will make a statement,” Bhagat told the reporters, adding he would file a defamation suit against all those who levelled allegations against him.

The BJP legislator said he had even asked the girl to contact her family. “I asked her to send a text message and send its screenshot to me as well,” he said.