International community failed Palestine, Kashmir: Yasin Malik

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Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik condemned the carnage by Israeli Army in Palestine recently.

Malik said that “failure of the international community in resolving disputes and stopping massacres of innocent people in Palestine, Kashmir and other disputed lands can only be termed as worst kind of apathy. Israeli terrorism against Palestinian people and the help it is getting from the international community is deplorable.”

Malik who is languishing in police custody from yesterday, while condemning the ongoing slaughter of Palestinians by Israel has said that international community has failed humans and humanity in Palestine, Kashmir and many other disputed lands and people.

“Instead of resolving the long pending disputes like Palestine and Kashmir, international community has chosen to prolong and complicate these issues which confront billions of humans across the globe,” Malik added.

He said that nothing is more tragic than the attitude of the international community which has actually sacrificed the much revered moral values, human instinct and humanity for petty trade deals, economic benefits and other materialistic affairs.

He said that it is a highly dangerous trend to legalize innocent killings, trampling of democratic norms and oppressive measures under the pretext of security and law and order, and International community especially the US by setting this trend are actually legalizing and glamorizing slaughter, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of people which is highly condemnable.

Malik said that “today JRL representing the people of Kashmir has called for a day of solidarity with Palestinian brothers and sisters and we the subjugated people of Jammu Kashmir today want to convey to our oppressed brothers in Palestine that we stand with them against Zionist terrorism and stress upon the international community especially the US to shun its policies based on apathy and double standards and try to resolve long pending disputes and issues which are confronting world peace and tranquility.”

Meanwhile, on Joint Resistance Leadership’s (JRL) call, JKLF leaders and activists staged a peaceful protest rally at Lal Chowk to express solidarity with Palestinian people. Raising slogans in support of Palestinian people and against Zionist terrorism, protesters marched towards Lal chowk and staged a peaceful sit-in there.

This sit-in was addressed by many people including Advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt. In his address, Advocate Butt said that the Blood bath in Palestine is nothing but genocide of a people that is supported by the international community especially US.

He said that what is happening in Palestine is a human tragedy but international community seems to support this human catastrophe by maintaining a criminal silence over it.
This peaceful protest later on dispersed peacefully. (KNS)

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