October, 2016

Cover June 2016

Table of contents


“Tell Modi, he should give us freedom”
By Aakash Hassan

India’s youth share views about Kashmir uprising
By Surbhi Gupta

Will you send me photographs?
By Alex George


Burhan Wani changes Kashmir’s politics
By Fahad Shah

What Khurram Parvez’s arrest says about India’s intentions
By Irfan Mehraj

Iron in Kashmir’s soul
By Sreejith Karnaver


True freedom in Kashmir
By Nayyar N. Khan

How Indo-Pak conflict is now between their citizens
By Haroon Khalid


“Rural people may vote, but want Azadi”
Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir, Interviewed by Aakash Hassan


Crushing dissent to construct perception
By The Kashmir Walla


A lover named freedom
By Aritry Das

Cover design by Muhabit ul Haq

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