Hurriyat (G), JKLF and others react to Parrikar’s statement

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Parrikar’s statement announcement of starting new phase of Ikwhani culture in Kashmir: Hurriyat (G)

Expressing its deep concern and anguish over the statement of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in which he had said that “neutralize terrorists only through terrorists and target killing in Jammu & Kashmir”, Hurriyat Conference (G) Saturday said “it is the announcement regarding the start of new phase of Ikwhani (government gunmen) culture in this state.”


“It is the announcement of the beginning of a dangerous plan of target killing of the pro-freedom people by the unknown gunmen and this announcement is enough to expose the communal government in the New Delhi,” a spokesman of Hurriyat (G) said in a statement to KNS.

“Instead of opposing such dangerous plans of the BJP regarding the Kashmir, Mufti Sayed is helping them in this process and for remaining in power he is endangering the future of the state. Bhajpa government has formulated a very aggressive policy regarding the Kashmir and the statement of Mr. Parrikar is its open acknowledgement. The Indian government wants to cross every limit in suppressing the just and genuine struggle of the Kashmiri nation for their democratic and birth rights and in this regard they have planned to use state terrorism against the people of this disputed region,” he alleged.

“According to the new policy, the Jammu region is being separated from the rest of the state and by settling non-state subjects in that region, they want to make it an experimental lab for the Hindutva. The policy regarding the Kashmir Valley is on the pattern of 1990s and according to that policy besides the pro-active role of the Indian army, they want to reactivate the government gunmen project,” he claimed.

The Hurriyat (G) spokesman alleged that the authorities in New Delhi want to further intensify the atmosphere of terror and fear in the valley “so that the people will not raise their voices against the forced occupation and the human rights violation committed by the Indian forces.”

He cautioned that this policy will add to the political uncertain and instable situation of the state and this policy can only encourage the lawlessness “but it can’t force the Kashmiri people to surrender their sacred cause and nor can it motivate them to remain silent.”

With reference to the recent statement of former chief of the Indian secret agency RAW A.S Dulat, Geelani said, “Mufti Mohammad Sayed remains alert to obey the every order of the New Delhi and implement it without taking into consideration its negative impacts on the situation of the state and collective interest of its people. The status of Mufti Mohammad Sayed is just of a facilitator for the RSS and he will be credited for handing over the state into the hands of the communal forces.”


Paraiker’s remarks acceptance of Indian crimes in Kashmir: Yasin Malik

JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Saturday said Defence Minister Manohar Paraiker’s remarks on using “state terrorism to suppress Kashmiri freedom struggle is actually an acceptance of Indian crimes in Kashmir.”

“We appreciate Indian home minster for his blatant statement as it has exposed the ugly face of Indian democracy in Jammu Kashmir,” Malik said while commenting upon the recent statement of Parikar in which he had said that militancy in Jammu Kashmir can only be countered by counter terrorism.

“Actually we Kashmiris appreciate Mr Parikar for these utterances as his truth has exposed the crimes committed by Indian state in Jammu Kashmir. In past Indian state always denied using such forces but today Indian defense minister himself has accepted the truth. India has unleashed state sponsored terrorism to curb Kashmiri freedom struggle and it is a cruel page of history how Indian sponsored terrorists under the banner of Ikhwanis and VDC killed leaders, political activists, Ulema, intellectuals, journalists, women and children during last many years and how thousands were massacred in custody, thousands were abducted and disappeared, how the chastity of women was attacked and villages and towns were burnt down,” he alleged.

“This reign of terror once engulfed whole of Jammu Kashmir and thousands of Kashmiris fell to the brutality of Indian state sponsored terrorism. Indian leaders and policy makers should know that the state sponsored terrorism of Ikhwanis and VDC, SOG and army failed to finish people’s freedom struggle in Jammu Kashmir in past and same will happen in future also as peoples movements and struggles can never be defeated by brutal force and state terrorism,” Malik added.

The JKLF chairman said that the recent statement of Defence Minister shows the real face of Indian democracy in Kashmir and it “has been proved beyond any doubt that India is engaged in state sponsored terrorism against peaceful struggle for freedom in Jammu Kashmir.”

“This should be an eye opener for the whole world and international community should fulfill its human and international obligations to safeguard the people of Jammu Kashmir from this state sponsored terrorism and unilateral violence,” he added.


Parrikar’s statement exposed New Delhi’s intentions: Shabir Shah

Terming the statement of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar regarding target killing through “terrorists” as sheer frustration, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah Saturday alleged such statements expose the intentions of Indian government against the Kashmiri people.

In a statement to KNS he said that all doubts regarding Mufti Sayeed (of signing a deal with BJP to murder the people of Kashmir) became clear to masses.  “There are still some elements in far flung areas of Chenab region in the form of renegades and VDCs working against the common people on the behest of Army. And now, Indian defence minister made it clear that they (New Delhi) want to once again undertake target killings through secret gunmen thereby reviving the Ikhwan culture in Valley,” he said.

Terming such act against the peace-loving people of Kashmir as extremely nasty and anti-people, Shah said, “India can never succeed in its wicked ploys against Kashmiris. “Both India and its local collaborators will face a humiliating defeat in the end. With the assistance of 8 lakh forces, 25 thousand VDCs and secret agencies, India wants to convert its lost battle into a win,” he claimed.

Invoking attention of United Nations, OIC and world leaders towards the statement, Shah urged them to play their role in safeguarding the innocent lives of Kashmiri people who are being targeted by forces.

“India must read writing on the wall that we are running a freedom movement against its illegal and forcible occupation and we’ll never turn back till we achieve our goal,” he said.

Shah while commenting on the statement of BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqwi regarding beef ban termed it interference in religious matters. “Actually, he (Naqwi) wants to prove himself more loyal than King to his communal masters. They should first ban wine and pork in their country then talk such non-sense. The 25 crore Muslims of India will not accept such intimidations,” he added.