BJP’s inflated membership figures in Kashmir a ‘bizarre prank’, claims Congress

bjp, india, kashmir, srinagar
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bjp, india, kashmir, srinagar


After the state BJP claimed to have  enrolled more than 2,50,000 members in Kashmir valley, opposition parties Congress and National Conference accused the saffron party of registering the ‘bogus’ members and exaggeration.

“It is all fake and manipulated. There has been no such drive of the BJP going on in valley and there is a very thin number in  the BJP’s list as its members,” the state Congress vice-president Ghulam Nabi Monga said.

Monga described the numbers as a bizarre prank executed by  valley based BJP members, who want their monthly wages.

“The valley based BJP men want their monthly wages and did a prank of such a bizarre nature. On ground, there are no members registered with the party- it is certain,” he added.

He said if BJP claims to have registered more than two lakh members, it should make the list public so that people themselves could verify the fact .

“It is all bogus. People in valley have other priorities that just to register for the party which they believe is communal and anti- Muslim.

According to reports, BJP earlier had claimed that it has enrolled 2.25 lakh people as primary members of the party till April 30 with covert support of Muslim RashtriyaManch (MRM), a RSS unit.

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