50,000 stray dogs in Kashmir; 2040 dog bites per year in Srinagar

kashmir, srinagar

kashmir, srinagar

As out of 50 thousand stray dogs in Kashmir, merely 441 surgeries under Animal Birth Control Program (ABC-AR) were conducted; SMC here has signed a new agreement with SKUAST under which 5000 surgeries of canines are being conducted at first place.

“There was cold response from the agency to which we had given the contract for the conduction of the surgeries. Now, feeling the crises on ground, we have entered into an agreement with the SKUAST. It has much experienced medicos and we hope the tie-up will prove result oriented. In the first place, we will conduct 5000 surgeries of the stray dogs and later we can extent the agreement,” Commissioner SMC Tufail Matoo said.


An independent survey conducted by the Human Society International earlier revealed that there are 50 thousand stray dogs on prowl in Srinagar.

The Housing and Urban Development department earlier mentioned that a need for a fresh independent theatre was felt by the state government for the conduction of surgeries to control the dog population and according to reports more than one crore and 40 lakh rupees were spent out of the state exchequer for the purpose. A much hyped operation theatre was created at SKUAST.

There are around 2040 dog bite cases reported from Srinagar City alone every year and symptoms of rabies are usually non-specific and suggest involvement of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and/or central nervous systems.

The government on the contrary claims that it has taken initiatives to halt the movement of stray dogs on the city roads.  The concerned authorities claim that about 150 open garbage sheds across the Srinagar have been closed. About 400 ‘smart garbage’ bins across the city have been introduced, besides 16,000 twins coloured domestic garbage bins have been distributed to the house holds for garbage collection and avoid spread of same on roads in a bid to avoid the movement of stray dogs.

The more alarming figures come when the state government here claimed that in 2014, there has been 441 surgeries conducted in Srinagar to stop the dog population. Though the number of the stray dogs continues to rise the number indicates government’s inaction in dealing with the crises.

The health experts have already cautioned over the dog bites saying in the acute stage, signs of hyperactivity (furious rabies) or paralysis (dumb rabies) are predominate.

Photograph courtesy tribuneindia.com


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