AICTE forces Kashmiri students to take admissions in selected private colleges

JK Bank

Kashmiri students who are being enrolled under Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme Monday alleged that counseling team of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) is forcing them to get enrolled in their own preferred private colleges of Haryana and Punjab.

AICTE counseling team, which have been providing counseling to Kashmiri students under PMSSS at SP College Srinagar from past three days have invited 9000 students for the available 5000 seats. The students who received counseling from the AICTE team headed by Director R.S.Rathore alleged that they have not been given any choice with regard to the selection of colleges. “AICTE is thrusting their decision upon us and we are being forced to take admissions in private colleges of Haryana and Punjab only. There are other options for us as most of the students had opted for the colleges in other parts of India but we fail to understand why the Counseling team is compelling us to take admissions only from the colleges of Haryana and Punjab.” the students said adding that under this Scholarship scheme students were always given a choice but this time it is different.


AICTE is a nodal agency for the implementing PMSSS in Jammu and Kashmir and according to its norms before making a student eligible for the admission, the student ought to be given a choice about the selection of the College.

The AICTE which is already under criticism for failing to implement the PMSSS in Jammu and Kashmir is reportedly once again dodging the students while some parents said that their wards are being forced to take admissions in particular colleges of Punjab and Haryana as it will fetch huge monetary benefits to the Counseling team in the form of commission.

All efforts to contact Director AICTE Dr R.S.Rathore did not materialize as he did not respond to repeated phone calls.