Will continue to expose govt policies, lawlessness, and scams: PDP

Stating that they will continue to expose the government during the assembly sessions, opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Tuesday stated that chaos, lawlessness and loot of state’s exchequer has become the trade mark of the present dispensation.

As the short summer session of 10 days duration will start from August 25, PDP stated that it will continue to raise the peoples’ issues on the floor of the house but hopes little that government working style would change.

PDP’s chief spokesman and legislator Naeem Akhtar told KNS that the government has started the process of ‘robbing’ youth by new process of recruitment wherein nepotism, partiality, corruption and favoritism is given top priority. “The back door appointments have become the only formal door for this government and so called fast track requirements are aimed to throw rules to wind.”

Commenting over the coming assembly session of LA and the agenda of PDP as the main opposition party of the state, Akhtar remarked that there is scope of change in the working style of the present government and that it has become thick skinned to genuine criticism. “We don’t see any possibility of change in the working of this government but we will continue to expose this government where corruption and nepotism is ruling the roost and the ministers are involved in scams.”

PDP spokesman accused further that chief minister Omar Abdullah has lost total control and is now on the inauguration spree despite employees facing problems in getting their salaries’. “It is total chaos and lawlessness that has prevailed in the state,” he added. (KNS)

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