Kashmir cries for Gaza, Israel issues travel advisory to its citizens

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After series of protests rocked Kashmir valley against Israel’s strikes upon Gaza, the Israel government for the first time in history has issued travel advisory for the valley- asking its citizens not to visit the region.

Director Tourism Kashmir Talat Parvez while talking to KNS stated that he also came to know about the latest advisory issued by Israel for Kashmir valley and that no official communication over the issue has been received so far. “I was informed about this development. This must be true. But for Jammu and Ladakh no such advisory is issued.”

Reports maintained that as around 8000 Israeli tourists visit Jammu and Kashmir every year and also huge visits were made by the Israeli nationals even during the 1990. The only attack on Israelis was in 1991, when a tourist, Erez Kahane, was killed in a scuffle with militants after seven backpackers were kidnapped from a houseboat in Srinagar. The hostages fought back and snatched automatic weapons from the militants, killing two of them in the struggle.

Hundreds of students in Srinagar took to streets- protesting against the Israeli strikes in Gaza from the last few days. Kashmir’s pro-freedom camp here also called for the protests against the Gaza crises. Students of various schools and colleges took to streets in the past-raising slogans against Israel and America. The students also expressed deep concern over the silence of the world community over the crises stating that they are equally responsible for the crimes. (KNS)

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