Anti-Israel protests continue in Kashmir

JK Bank
Protestors in Kashmir against Israel. Photograph by Shahid Tantray

A group of students from various colleges and schools today held peaceful protests here in the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir against continuous occupation of Palestine and the ongoing attack on Gaza by Israel which led to killing of more than 100.

Students assembled in the press enclave carrying placards which read “It is not a war it is a massacre,” “Death to Israel,” “where are Arab countries” and urged Muslim countries to adopt “anti Israeli military” policy so that people of Palestine do not suffer time and again. Umer Farooq, a student said, “We are here to provide solidarity with those killed in Gaza and we appeal Muslim nations to stand for Gaza.”


He said we know nobody will hear us, but, still we are here to show the world that Kashmir is with Gaza. He also urged Muslim nations to unite because Muslims are being targeted everywhere in the world.”

He added that the reason they stand for other Muslim countries is because some of those countries have stood up for them by sending their men to fight against the occupation of their motherland so it is their duty to support them.”

Another student, Sobia Bhat, told The Kashmir Walla that she came to protest against the occupation in Palestine. She said that India is closely working with Israel and they fear that India might also use air strikes in Kashmir in near future.

She added that the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in separate colonies is the part of the Israeli policy and they will not allow them to adopt that policy. “If they want to return they are welcome but they have to live where they used to live before migration.”

Anti-Israel protests were also reported from North and South Kashmir where protesters took out to streets and chanted anti Israel, anti India and anti American slogans. Hundreds of people including college students also participated in it.