Kashmiri theater group stages, The Shaale Kak, a musical play

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Theater for Kashmir presented its much awaited Kashmiri musical opera ‘The Shaale Kak Show’ to a thousand plus enthusiastic audience consisting of families and children.


Shaale Kak Show turns another page in the history of Kashmiri theater as this broad way style musical play made its way into the hearts and minds of theater lovers who had come in droves to watch the show.

Although the presentation was designed keeping the theme of the ongoing Kashmiri Children Festival, but the messaging transcended the age barrier.

Shaale kak show was no children play it was serious show casing of the traditional Kashmiri folk form, Bhand Pather and was blended with the contemporary musical theater style.

The Shaale kak show tells the story of the Jungle where the wise Shaale kak alongwith his friends Safeed Seeh (Snow Leopard) Hangul (Kashmiri stag ) Painz Boyee (The Monkey), Haapath Kak (The Bear), Khargoush jigargoush The Rabbit), live in harmony with nature and celebrate their togetherness in bliss full environs of the green valley.

They sing song of the nature and remember the saying of their wise predecessors. All goes on well till some strangers arrive and want to change the jungle. Micky mouse, Doremon and Angry bird barge into the forest with their brands, gadgets and their own language.

The jungle is changing there are no songs of the past the noise makes over. Will the jungle be lost forever? Or the wise Shaale Kak and his friends wake up to this challenge and save it for ever the climax of the show.

Yousuf Shahnaz, Mir Maqbool, Mian Mushtaq, Malik Qaiser, Bilal Bhagat, Rayees Wathori, Hamid, Jehangir Bhagat, Abid Hussain, Hilal Shah, Adil Rather, Irfan Bhagat have jelled into the roles effortlessly.

The artisitic director of the play is Yousuf Shahanaz a veteran theatrics of the Valley; he has been supported by Mian Mushtaq and Riyaz Mir as associated directors. The musical has been choreographed by Malik Qaisar with assistants of Bilal Bhagat and Rayees Wathori. The lyrics have been written by Mir Maqbool, Seith Rafi and Yousuf Shahnaz. Shaale Kak show has been conceived, written and designed by Aarshad Mushtaq. [Kashmir Headlines]