March, 2014

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March, 2014

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Waiting for their sons, mothers die
How mothers in Kashmir have died while waiting for their disappeared sons
By Muheet ul Islam


The Rohingya Conflict
The history of the Rohingya conflict: Buddhists and Muslims
By Helena Derwash & Marta Tucci


Acts of Resilience
The plight of Rohingya women
By Marta Tucci


Kashmir: a few moments of life
Amid the violence and political uncertainty, on the other side, there lies a life in Kashmir
By Zuhaib Mohammad Khan

My Story

They hate me
“Why do I hate Israel-Palestine conflict?”
By Nathan Aharonovich

Book Review

Maps for a mortal moon
Maps for a Mortal Moon should be in the essential reading list.
By Atul K Thakur


Discourse of the learned
A fiction story about the discussions of the teaching staff of Kashmir
By Khalid Fayaz Mir


Farhat, didn’t die

By Insha Bint Bashir

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