The Survivor

JK Bank

I remember:
the initial throe
and the horror
changed into loathing
for them and the system
that is talked of and never seen
and then for my flesh
that remained jerking
with each stroke.

One by one,
having kept aside his black terror,
his vainglorious rigidity,
and repeated the ritual,
till it was over done.


Then I was strangled
and left
a dead abomination.
And now
the bastards
are dead,
each bearing volleys of bullets
in his hirsute chest.
The loathing
gradually changes
into love
and compassion
for these strewn lumps of flesh.

In my ‘wild lament’ I weep
for the brawny brothers,
nay my sons,
nay my husbands.


Professor Shafi Shauq is a well-known writer and academic. He is considered one of the major experts in Kashmiri language and literature, literary history and on Mehjoor’s work. He headed the department of Kashmiri at University of Kashmir for a long time.

The poem was translated from Kashmir by the poet himself and is one of the poems given to The Kashmir Walla for publication.