November, 2013

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I’m a house and my name is…
“The snow protects me. I look like a bride.”
By Siddhartha Gigoo & Muhabit ul Haq

India can’t win hearts
From the Palhallan village, where more than a hundred are buried in the “martyrs graveyard”
By Muheet ul Islam


Letter from Cambodia
How I started teaching the children of Cambodia
 By Sigrid Baldinger

Britain and Kashmir
The early links between Britain and Kashmir
By Shams Rehman


Mental conflagration in Kashmir
Looking at Kashmir’s mental health
By Ab. Latif Wani

Of media and the wrongs
What is wrong in the media?
By Hinan Ali


The unjust past
The Garden of Solitude is a worthwhile, thoughtful read, full of nostalgia
By Irfan Tramboo


In a dream
Watching sunset, recollecting the memories
By Hunais Khawaja

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