Mother’s call

The night’s ghosts came prowling down

All geared in a khaki gown

Wielded upon by a ghost with a frown


Walloped and whacked my door that midnight

O horrible! My heart drubbed in fear

At the ghost’s monstrous eyes


Fear I had, for my family that was.

My only son- the crown of my head,

The moon in my dreams!


The khaki ghost saw its prize

Pushing, pulling and dragging

While I kept trying, begging and beseeching.


Whilst I, a hole in my heart now

Days to months; and months to years

Nothing sufficed the khaki ghost.


Days and nights have lost distinction,

Nothing is true anymore

My whole being only a facade.


As my heart whimpers and my eyes wail

I turn left and I turn Right,

Only your Image is my past.


Here and there, everywhere

I tried to inquest the events of that night

As all Khaki ghosts look alike.


Without a news of him

How will you rest O my bleeding heart


Only the Angels of Death

would cut us apart-

me, your thoughts and this despair


In thy Kingdom O my Lord!

Disgrace not my Faith in thy Lordship

Re-join a mother to her disappeared son.


 – Dedicated to the Mothers of the Disappeared people.

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  1. Very powerful. May Allah grant the wishes of all mothers that are missing their children. Ameeen. And May Allah lift the Occupation of Kashmir. Ameeen.

    The Ghosts in Khaki are the paid bandits the continue to shatter the lives of Kashmiris. Paid by the hegemonic forces of India.

    “the world suffers a lot. Not only because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.”

    Make it a point to speak out, against the brutality & against those that support such acts.


  2. May peace reign in J&K. May India continue to be blessed by Allah in her noble struggle against bloodthirsty Jihadi apostles of Devil.

    Jai Hind. Jai Jammu-Kashmir.

    We love J&K and its people. May Allah enable me to become a permanent resident of J&K.


  3. Yes tell us how much India loves Kashmir my oppressing Kashmiris, killing Kashmiri civilians, gagging Kashmiris literally & metaphorically, raping Kashmiris,pillaging Kashmiris. And so on. Is this the live you were referring of. Yes you and India love Kashmir just not Kashmiris. Give is our promised plebiscite yet?

    Keep drumming the drum of hypocrisy and coercion it’s all you are good at Sanjeev.

    Jai Kashmir, End the occupation of Kashmir GO India Go back!!

    • @ Jonah Ryder

      If I was really good at (and indeed, indulging in) coercion, you would have either stopped commenting or have agreed with me. As I have said before, it is a bit of a stretch to say that one can coerce another through comments under a blog post. Open that Thesauras again, Sir! :)

      Jai Hind. Jai Jammu-Kashmir.

      • Underneath all the mockery you continue to evade all the ground happenings and evrything i have said, End the occupation stop the Brutality. I’m quite I was able to refer you to a thesauras btw..In it look up malign while you are at in growth..EVIL and so on..As in the occupation of Kashmir by the Hegemonic Forces of India is Malignant. You are welcome.

        You ol fart :) You never never learn..

        Coercion, derision, deial, hypocrisy Such is the way of posting by Sanjeev time & time again..

        Tsk tsk tsk… Get a grip ol man ..

        Jai Kashmir!

        Go INDIA GO BACK.

        BTW I will not stop commenting due to the the very fact that your coercion based attempts at feeble propaganda on the bottom of articles written by Kashmir Supports is Malignant. I am but a humble supporter of the Kashmiri cause & a warning to those that read your posts. (very little take heed btw)

    • May peace and love reign in Jammu-Kashmir. Jammu-Kashmir belongs to India and India belongs to Jammu-Kashmir.

      May Allah continue to bless India in her holy struggle against the diabolical, blasphemous Jihad of fanatics.

      Jai Hind. Jai Jammu-Kashmir.

    • @ nameless guy who wishes he had atoned his crimes and died a Hindu,

      Nice to know that you consider me as your own. Similarly, J&K belongs to India and India belongs to J&K.

      If all of us change our outlook like this, the terror problem in J&K will disappear forever.

      Jai Hind. Jai Jammu-Kashmir.

  4. Sanjeev beta,

    Why does everything come as either hindu or jehadist to you? Is this what that mother of yours, that slut has been teaching you? Well you aren’t a far cry from your mother.

    Sanjeev beta i need to spank you one of these days and teach you some manners. Once again, i couldn’t have cared less if u were a sikh, a christian or even an atheist. U would still have been an ass hole u fucking troll.