Indian army enacts gunfight for news channels to cover

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File photo. AFP.Srinagar, Kashmir: The Indian army enacted an “encounter”, reportedly on Friday, for some Indian news channels after they  failed to capture the exchange of fire between the militants and the troops, in Indian-controlled Kashmir’s Ganderbal district, in which five Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) militants were killed.

A local news gathering agency, CNS, reports that the overnight encounter between the Indian army and militants in Indian-controlled North Kashmir’s Preng area of Kangan occurred in the absence of media and no Indian news channel was able to capture the live shots.


Soon after the General Commanding Officer, Victor Force concluded his press briefing, some of the reporters working for some top news channels requested Army officials to enact a drama so that they could present it as a real encounter.

“Army was kind enough to oblige to the repeated requests of these local reporters working for some of the India’s news channels,” CNS quoted witnesses saying.

“Reporters and cameramen of four Indian news channels were taken to a nearby willow field adjacent to Wusan Camp of 24 Rashtriya Rifles. The labours who were extracting sand from Nallah Sindh were ordered to leave the place to pave way for Army personnel to fire some shots,” a local reporter said.

Reports said that Army kept on firing and cameramen captured those shots from different angles, which finally were aired on these news channels depicted as real “encounter.”

Some of the reporters even presented themselves before camera giving an impression that they are in the middle of the encounter.



  1. End the #Occupation of Kashmir. Word’s most extensive militarized region. several generation in disarray a genocide happening on the TV. Yet they stage fake encounters? Shame on them indeed!

    You may control our wallets, our freedom to move about, our roti kapda & makan, but you will never control our hearts India. It’s futile, End the #occupation!

    How do you explain staged encounters on the press? This seem to be a hot topic at present.

    Mass Graves. Fake encounters. Gagging of local Kashmiri Media. Total cut off of press at times. Total prison of the civilian population. An occupier justifies this in the name of security, you back that occupier time & again. What more do you expect from those that support the liberation from atrocities perpetuated by the hegemonic forces of India?

    Like I said, & will continue to say:

    It was never yours it can truly never be yours. Yours is the futility ours is the struggle. Say what you will, we know what we are and WHOM we are. We know quite well, what you are.

    This is when the witnesses need to grow strong. This is what you suppress. This is occupation.

    This IS #OccupiedKashmir

    • @ Jonah Ryder,

      You seem to be using this piece of “news”, which is amusing at best, to further your devious agenda of hate. The encounter was not fake. If I am right, the news item speaks about the 29 August 2013 operation in which five armed Jihadi terorists were killed.

      I bring to your attention the following facts:

      1. The operation was a clean one, with no collateral casualties. Since you have been raving and ranting about civilian deaths, I would expect you to acknowledge this fact explicitly.

      2. The mediamen you speak of, were all local Kashmiris and not “biased Indian journalists”.

      3. The anecdote is by no means unusual. Television thrives on visuals. Therefore, certain on-the-spot actions to obtain images suitable for the story are often undertaken by the press. Even in case of print media, we have all seen cameramen shouting “Sir, please hold hands again for a picture..”. You are making it sound as if the mediamen got some Kashmiris killed for the sake of video footage. Your designs are is not just mischievous, they are despicable.

      I am sure the readers are wise and sensible enough to see through it.

      • Did you Just deny the each & every “fake encounter” ? You talk & boast as if staged encounters haven’t happened in the past 23 years!

        I am saying as it is, you use my words against you as supplanting further derision & tale spinning.

        This is why no hope of discussion is possible. You deny deny deny. Everything INDIA has done to Kashmir as an occupier.

        End the #Occupation of #Kashmir.