No solution to Kashmir possible within Indian Constitution, Afzal Guru hanging a historic blunder: Gautam Navlakha

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Gautam Navlakha

Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir: Noted human rights activist and writer, Gautam Navlakha today termed the hanging of Parliament attack convict Muhammad Afzal Guru’s hanging as a “historic blunder” on part of New Delhi,  saying, it gave a message to Kashmiris that Government of India is not interested in any kind of democratic or political solution of the Kashmir issue.


“Solution of the Kashmir issue as per wishes of Kashmiris is important for the well being of entire south Asian region. By hanging Afzal Guru New Delhi sent across a negative message to Kashmiri people that it is not interested in democratic or political solution to the vexed Kashmir issue,” Navlakha said while talking to a news agency, KNS. He said the consequences of such steps will have to be borne by entire south Asia in future.

Navlakha ruled out possibility of any solution to the vexed Kashmir Issue within the constitution of India. “Autonomy, self rule etc are useless concepts. Making them as alternatives to Kashmir solution is wrong as Kashmir issue is a different issue. These formulas will not solve the issue. There is no solution to Kashmir issue within the ambit of Indian Constitution. If there was, it would it not have been solved by no,” he added.

He said that instead of accepting Kashmiris wishes, Government of Inda is trying to suppress Kashsmir voice through force and suppression. “No nation can be suppressed through force nor can people be silenced through atrocities and pressure tactics. Such things don’t work for ever,” he added.

The noted activist said it was wrong to think that situation in Kashmir is normal. “By saying that situation in Kashmir is normal government it is misleading the world community which it has been doing for last 66 years and the results are before us. Kashmiri have always been peace loving. They have all the time been waiting for democratic and political solution. However, Delhi failed to respond accordingly,” Navlakha claimed. He held Government of India’s reluctance to solve the Kashmir issue as the main reason for spurt in militancy in the recent past.

He said the Government of India has shut all doors of justice on Kashmiris and atrocities are being committed on them for last two decades.

“Cases like Kunan-poshpora have not been investigated for more than twenty years now. Atrocities are being committed on Kashmiris over last two decades and the culprits are not being brought to book. On the other hand human rights violations are being inflicted while justice remains evasive,” Navlakha said. He said the treatment meted out to common Kashmiris is by all means undemocratic and inhuman.

“There are extremist Hindu parties which are encroaching upon the rights of common people in various cities across India but no action is taken against them. But when Kashmiris come out in support of their democratic and human rights, they are suppressed through brute force.”



  1. It shows the magnanimity of Indian society that people like Navalkha are able to have their say openly on any issue, even if it is contrary to the official positions.

    That does not mean his justification for Jihaid violence will be accepted. I dare this fellow to make such public statements about the following:

    1. Does Islam ask for killing of people converting out of Islam?

    2. Why do blasphemy laws exist on statutes of Islamic countries?

    3. Why were Pandits chased out of Kashmir valley by gun-totting Jihadis, with the “civil” society maintaining a pointed silence? Why have the Pandits not been able to come back even after 25 years?

    4. Why should article 370 be there in constitution? Isn’t that a discrimination against non-Kashmiris? Why can’t I, an Indian, be a resident of J&K?

    If he is really an honest and objective guy, unafraid of machette-wielding Jihadis, he will answer these questions. Preferably in Srinagar and on camera.

    Until then, I fully support AFSPA and firmly favour abrogation of article 370.

    Lage Raho Navlakha!

    • @ Sanjeev why is not Indian Govt Building houses for Pandits why they have kept them camps in inhuman canditions if can govt can build houses of many damged towns in kashmir …….

      Reason they want to show the world that pandits are suffering bz of kashmiris and give freedom movment of kashmir bad color…

      • @ Gulzar Khan

        You can ask that question directly to govt. I am here in my personal capacity.

        My point is that a discriminatory and seperatist provision like article 370 should have no place in Indian constitution. It has encouraged the Jihadi mindset and played a definite role in fuelling the violent communal terror in J&K. Abrogation of this vile piece of legislation is the first and most significant step India ought to take. It will be the begining of unraveling of this venomous Jihadi terror machine.

        Hope to see that day soon.

      • @ Gulzar Khan

        I have noticed that you have stayed clear of acknowledging the other questions in my comment. I take it as a confirmation of my belief that Muslims are extremely terrified of speaking about Islam, their own religion, lest they are attacked for blasphemy or apostacy for stating views which do not suit the Mullahs or terrorists.

        In spite of all their philosophy about this world being transitory and temporary etc, Muslims too are not particularly interested in getting their throats slit on camera! Right? :)

        Don’t worry. If you don’t ask these questions, non-Muslims will. And if you don’t answer them, non-Muslims will form their conclusions. Don’t complain about Islamophobia then! :)

        I see J&K issue as nothing more than an extremist Jihadi plot to impose their vision.

        • Sanjeev.

          Didnt you claim you are not making attacks on people’s beliefs or religion.

          How did this change?

          So lets call it what it is…You are a Flip Flopper

          a false prophet, is a better claim. You claim to talk about the truth, you spew nothing but hatred.

          • Please explain how the statements in my above comments constitute an attack on religious beliefs.

            Please also tell me straight if what I have said therein is an untruth.

  2. Rightly said.
    Indian govt. has remained insensitive of the sentiments of not only Kashmiri people but several other minority community throughout India.
    One of the big example is 1984 Delhi and Punjab riots in which thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed for no reason . Govt must stop imposing their biased and fickle minded views on general public as this always has a bad impact on peace in a specific region .
    I totally agree with Sir Gautam Navlakha that hanging of AFZAL GURU was a historic blunder.

  3. The Holy Quran is the most read Text in the world, it is also the most mis-read, i.e people read it without knowledge of the meaning.

    If the Holy Quran is read with meaning and understood then In’Shaa’Allah many problems of this world will cease to be.

    Currently our ummah is divided and without a clear path. In’Shaa’Allah the ummah will come together soon and lead the way once again.

    Nothing escapes aakhira.. we all must atone and face Allah, this is the only truth in the world.

    I do not believe in the violent means by which our religion is being labeled, but I do believe in fighting against tyranny. for what good are my legs if I am made to kneel forever.

    These attacks against what is being said in the defense of Kashmir & Kashmiris are just that.

    One has to also wonder about the timing of this backlash against Kashmiris by the likes of Sanjeev and the many names the person uses to pander. The BJP run on the platform of division, this is what I see these people doing.

    My message is clear, a believer (a MUSLIM) until he/she interpret the Holy Quran in full meaning and applies that to their life, we will continue to suffer.

    The uneducated and ignorant are easily brainwashed, this enables clerics and muftis to take advantage of a desperate situation.

    If only one person reads this and passes it on to others then Sanjeev & the Kind have done us a service since this message has gone through to someone. Jazak’Allah

    Let us thank him.