Kashmir’s armed resistance against Indian rule turns 25

Kashmiri militants in 1990s. Photograph by Mehraj ud Din
Kashmiri militants in 1990s. Photograph by Mehraj ud Din
Kashmiri militants in 1990s. Photograph by Mehraj ud Din

It was today on July 31 1988, twenty fivers ago that armed struggle against ‘Indian rule’ started in Kashmir. The group of four prominent militant leaders from Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front better known as ‘Haji Group’ reportedly planted two bombs, one at Golf Course, and another at Telegraph Office Srinagar to send a firm and clear message to the government of India that Kashmiri youth are ready to face them.

“These bombs were planted with an intention to give loud and clear message to government of India that Kashmiri youth are ready to face them. These bombs were not planted to harm anyone these blasts “jolted the establishment and attracted attention of international community towards the long-pending issue,” JKLF leader Javid Ahmed Mir told CNS.

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Haji Group regarded as the first group to start armed struggle in Kashmir was comprising of Ishfaq Majeed Wani, Shiekh Abdul Hamid, Mohammad Yasin Malik and Javid Ahmed Mir. All the four persons had set up ‘Tallah Party in 1980 and later on they founded Islamic Students League in 1984 which gradually turned into Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front.

Apart from the members of Haji Group, Mushtaq-ul-Islam, Showkat Bakshi, Shakil Bakshi, Irshad Ahmed were the important members of Islamic Students League.

“Sentiments against Indian rule always existed here but people were not giving vent to them. Islamic Students League played a key role in making people aware about the ramifications of Indian rule in Kashmir,” one of the former militant commanders told CNS.

Former Commander who acted as the Publicity Chief of JKLF for quite some time said that it was only after the blast that rocked Srinagar city on 31 July came to know that hundreds of youth have arrived in Valley with weapons to take on to India. “Youth were forced to pick up the gun. All the important members of JKLF were the supporters of Muslim United Front and this party came off with flying colours during 1987 Assembly Elections. Elections were rigged and all the members especially those who later on turned militant commanders were tortured in police stations for none of their fault,” one of the prominent academicians said adding that ‘Armed Struggle’ attracted the attention of world community after so many decades.

“It were two main political parties of the State which forced these youth to cross LoC and take arms training. These youth had earlier shown full faith in democratic set up of India and had supported the candidates of Muslim United Front. Molvi Mohammd Yousf turned into Syed Salahudin, Malik, Mir and others were interrogated in police stations on the behest of political leaders. No political space was given to them and rest is history,” he said.

Recalling the days of torture and injustice, Javid Ahmed Mir said that soon after the elections were rigged in 1987, police raided the houses of Islamic Students league members on the directions of then MLA Batamaloo. “Police during a nocturnal raid dragged the mother of JKLF leader Shiekh Abdul Hamid from her house and detained her at Police Station Sher Gari. We were booked under Public Safety Acts and tortured in detention centres,” Mir said adding that Mohammad Yasin Malik was deliberately provided poisonous food in the jail due to which he lost one heart valve.

Chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik told CNS that Kashmiri people are peace loving and they never believed in violence. “We were forced to believe that non-violent movement is not an option for we people,” he said even today no political space is being provided to those leaders who struggle peacefully.

The popularity and activities of the Haji Group were instrumental in bringing thousands of people on roads seeking right to self determination. “The struggle is going on and people yearn for the resolution of Kashmir issue,” one of the separatist leaders said. (CNS)


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  1. Firstly, it is good that finally, the truth has been acknowledged. The bloodied chapter of hate-blind violence in the history of J&K was opened by the Jihadis and not by the Army. The forces have responded to it, as they were bound to. I hope the mischievous anti-Army elements have the courage to accept this fact while presenting their dubious, hate-filled arguments.

    Secondly, it ought to be noted that in spite of the gun culture sowed and nurtured in J&K by the Hindu-hating Jihadis, the state is exactly where it was. Not one inch has attained “freedom”, so to speak. I hope it dawns upon the drug-dazed Islamic gunslingers in J&K that they have been fighting the wrong Jihad. Allah is with India, for India has justice, truth and compassion on her side. Centuries of history stands witness.

    No movement based on falsehood and taboos can succeed. The terror bloodbath in J&K has nothing to do with human rights, liberty, freedom of expression etc. It is a monster spawned by Hindu-hating, Islamic killers who are trying to disguise it as some kind of a noble objective. The Kashmiri masses, terrified of being accused of Qufr, are silent. This can go on for ages, but will make no difference to India’s position. The slogan-raising, stone-pelting mobs are just another manifestation of this evil. However, it will be foolish to believe that it will force India to give in to the entirely unjustified and immoral movement which is also technically Unislamic.

    The next target for India ought to be the malignant tumour called article 370. May Allah help this noble pursuit.


    • Dear Sanjeev,

      Firstly, the ‘bloodied chapter of hate-violence’ began the day India occupied Kashmir. The forces did not respond to it. They started it. The Kashmiri struggle for freedom was launched in response to this illegal occupation. It is good to know that you avoid the word ‘security forces’ and simply use forces, for that is what they really are. They are enforcing the illegal and inhumane occupation.

      Secondly, the gun culture has its roots in the 1987 rigged elections, which in turn had its roots in India’s anti muslim character. To blame it on ‘hindu-hating’ jihidis would be a baseless prejudice. The gun became a part of the freedom movement only after the Indian Government effectively closed all non-violent channels for expressing discontent, which unfortunately continues to be the case. You are right when you say that not one inch of freedom has been attained till now and this in itself is a proof of the brutality and oppression that India is perpetrating through its huge army. But what you fail to understand is that even after sixty five years of occupation, the Indian state has failed to win the hearts of Kashmiris and the sentiment for ‘Azadi’ has survived throughout this oppression. The message to India is clear-“Your oppression and your power will make no difference to Kashmir’s position”. It will be foolish to believe that India’s superior brute force will force Kashmiris to give up their just and moral movement, which is an Islamic right and duty.

      The next help Kashmir will soon be getting In Sha Allah, would be in the form of fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal belt along with our blood brothers from Azad Kashmir. The autumn of 2014 would change a lot of things for India. We will do away with this malignant tumour called ‘Article 370’ which illegally binds us to India and be free for ever, In Sha Allah.

      • @ TruKash

        1. You seem to follow an alternate version of relity. The bloodsport in J&K began in 1989. That is the reason for this blog post. Until then, Indian security forces were restricted to the border. There were no uniformed personnel conducting searches and fighting gunbattles with terrorists in Srinagar, Kupwara, Baramulla, Pattan, Shopian, Sopore and other towns.

        2. I entirely agree that the rigged elections of 1987 was one of the major reasons for disillusionment. However, the elections since 2001 have been entirely free and fair. This should ideally remove that grievance from the minds of Jihadis. But false and asumed grievances cannot be removed.

        3. The sntiment for Azadi is a chimera. Let me tell you that J&K is not unique in this aspect. There are more places and population groups who harbour resentment towards Indian state. Some of them even dream of seperation. The problem is with violence and hate narratives, not with political positions. If you understand this without the usual pretence of hurt, our dialogue here will turn more amicable.

        4. As for the Islamic duty et al, please read my comments elsewhere on this blog. The J&K struggle is blatantly unislamic. Sooner or later, the Muslims who have not understood this, will do so. Until then, AFSPA will do the job just fine.

        5. I am amused at your daydreaming capability. You should go to bollywood. Afghan, Chechen and African fighters in droves have gone to Dojakh via J&K in past. They could achieve sweet little, except creating a living hell for the peace-loving, honest and hardworking people of the state.

        Indian forces are fully prepared to tackle any threat of irregulars or regulars which may obtain in the state of J&K and also elsewhere in India. If you still believe such drug-high killers can actually make a difference to Indian army, all I can say is that you are deliberately avoiding reality. I think that too is an offence in Quran! I am just checking my copy for the verse number. :)

        • STFU Sanjeev…you useless excuse of a human…they ought to take people like you & shoot them in blind alleys.. you are the reason our country is stuck in corruption and separated in animosity towards each other..you are a divider..not a uniter..you deserve the worst.. you charlatan !!

          All you do is cleverly label people while denying actual facts.

          See the reality..you live in a jail..your mind is deluded..I pity you, I hope your existence has brought you much grief.

          May you be born again as the e-coli that lines the rectum of a homosexual.

          • This comment has been reproduced many times over under different posts and amounts to spam.

            My reply to it can be read elsewhere on this blog.

          • Jonah ryder is my name..just as yours is Sanjeev patwardhan… simple :)

            Btw I use your name to prove a point, well…call it a test..

            If there are truly Jihadi elements about India, the bogeymen which you have been conjuring..well it cant be that difficult for them to track you and then…the ol yamraj :) this will prove you correct ol man :) but alas you will not be around to celebrate, as you will be getting a hot load across your cell membrane in the rectum you will back in :)

          • @ Jonah Ryder

            Copy-pasted comment. Qualifies as spam.

            Your wisecracks would be amusing as a part of a gag-n-skit show on J&K, but they are not worth a reply.

            Ha ha ha. Please stop, lest I die of laughter! :)

            Now if you excuse me, I can address the more serious participants on this forum.

          • Spam? spam? excuse me who are you to say what is and what isnt spam…there you go labeling again ..I guess it is an Old habit of yours..to just go ahead and deny deny deny..

            so once again

            STFU grandpa sanju!

            You are getting old and senile…Go to your BJP Bhajrang Dal people & tell them ..shit is hitting the fan.

            Mr. Sanjeev Pathwardan

            The fact that you are still alive proves your conjuring of Jihadi bogeymen as a moot point.

            Yet here you are responding?? Trying to get in nothing but a last word. You deserve all of those personal attacks, for what you have perpetuated here.

            It’s a little shady to me, as it should be to others that you have been missing from this Particular Forum since the inception of the Kistwar/ Jammu riots.

            To Reiterate..

            Mr. Sanjeev Patwardan has time & again shown to be a divider not a Uniter, he fuels the flames of separation & hatred. His posts speak for themselves.

            Do not be taken in by his double talk & his charlatan approach to responding.

            His clever labeling & demagoguery are all just a ploy, simple attempts to save face.

            STFU ol man.. :)

            You have no legs to stand upon. GO TO HELL ! & Eat a Dick.

            Warm regards :)

          • @ Jonah Ryder

            Good to see a comment by you that is not copy-pasted. Harvard students after all, are mere fascimiles of each other! :)

            That was what I call a light-hearted joke, and was not a personal attack. Hope you laughed. What is a little banter between patriotic friends, right? :)

            Contrary to what you (conveniently) assume, I have been following this blog as regualrly as before. As you have seen abundantly, I only respond to posts. I will talk about Kishtawar riots when a post about them comes up.

            Are you writing it? Can’t wait to read, really.

          • your narcism is astonishing, but a mere distraction.

            Pray tell what do you know about the Crimson?

            Assumptions are not made by me, however I have been known to suffer from conjectures from time to time.

            I can sit here and argue with you but your position has been cemented and is apparent in your lack of foresight in all due manners referring to veritas aequitas. Therefore I have chosen not to debate you, rather play the role of a sojourner and a forewarner. It seems I must play the jester from time to time as well.

            Having said that, I was concerned to seen your inactivity on here in the days past, to this let me share this beautiful Hadith with you:

            “It goes that a Jewish woman in Mecca who would throw garbage on the doorstep of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in defiance of his message, and one day she fell sick and could not throw the garbage, so the Prophet (peace be upon him) visited her. Then it is said that she was so amazed at his character that she realized his prophethood and accepted Islam.”

            …take from this what you may..

    • Sanjeev..This is not directed at you but to those that read your comments.

      You need not reply, having said that you surely may. Be it denouncing these retorts as spam or any other jest you try. It will just get repeated over & over & over & over…catch my drift.. :)

      If you are a regular on this site. You know these people like Sanjeev (& the like) as a craven sods that perpetuates the propaganda and agenda of India.

      Their purpose is to coerce and deceive the outsider who doesn’t follow the Kashmir conflict with vigor.

      Thus far they have abused, fueled hatful attacks both virtually and on ground.

      Please take their responses with a grain of salt & ask yourself why the voice of the Kashmir walla is repeatedly attacked by these hate mongers.

      I ask the reader to also consider the beauty of Kashmirwalla to allow them their voice as erroneous it may be. Regardless take this as your warning & please do your research on the Occupied region of Kashmir before coming to any conclusions.

      The voice of the voiceless must carry on, wether being attacked by the likes of mentioned or gaged by agencies on the ground.

      Truth must prevail, no matter how often and powerful the spin masters try to sabotage our attempts to putting it forth.

      Best Regards,

      A Humble supporter of the Kashmiri Cause.

  2. Mr. Sanjeev Patwardhan. Kindly keep your bigoted opinions in check. The demagoguery you stand firm on is crumbling under your feet.

    Your support for a zealous political hegemony, which has time and again committed heinous crimes upon the civilian population of Kashmir is baseless if not questionable.

    Regardless of your ‘cleverly’ put together passive-aggressive statements such as above, the truth is very much clear to those of us that believe. You have chosen to keep the veil in front of your eyes, I pray to Allah that it is lifted.

    Time & again you come out and try your subterfuge, one has to start questioning to what end this is in?

    The following information from wordpress may illuminate the concept of oppression for you, as clearly you are blinded by it. If not to you, I pray to Allah that it may open the Eyes of someone who comes across it.


    May Allah lift the seal from the heart of the oppressors & deliver the oppressed from them. Truly Allah is all knowing, the all powerful.

    The Categories of Oppression

    To understand the topic of oppression, we can divide the subject matter into 5 areas;

    – Al-Zulm: Oppression.
    – Al-Zaalem: the Oppressor
    – Al-Mu’aawin A’la Al-Zulm: the Collaborator
    – Al-Saaket Ala Al-Zulm: The one who is Silent about the oppressors or oppression.
    – Al-Mazloum: the Oppressed.

    The Meaning of Al-Zulm in Arabic

    The word Al-Zulm (oppression) is opposite to the word Al-A’del (justice) and is derived linguistically from the word Zalama which means the following: Injustice, Darkness, Aggression, Doing the Inappropriate and Preventing a right etc.

    The Definition of Al-Zulm or Oppression In Juristic Terminology

    Al-I’tidaa Ala Al-Huqouq Bedoun Wajih Shar’ie – Aggression against Rights without a Divine Permit.

    The Types of Rights or Al-Huqouq:

    – Haq ul-Allah or Rights of Allah: e.g. Legislation, Worship, etc.
    – Haq ul-A’bid or Rights of the Servant: e.g. Protection of his/her life, money etc.
    – Haq ul-Ummah or Rights of Muslims: e.g. Unity, Leadership, Authority etc.
    – Haq ul-A’aam or Public Rights: e.g. Protecting the environment, public property, animals, rivers etc.
    – Haq ul-lmaam or Rights of the state: e.g. Obeying the rules and regulations of the state i.e. Khaleef.

    The Meaning of Al-Zaalem (Oppressor) In Arabic

    Al-Mutadi: Aggressor, Al-Jaa’er: Unjust, Al-Ghashim: The one who prevents a right and the one who does the inappropriate etc.

    The Definition of Al-Zaalem (Oppressor) In Juristic Terminology

    Al-Mu’tadi Ala Al-Huqouq Bedoun Wajih Shar’ie – The Aggressor against Rights without a Divine Permit


    The Meaning Of Al-Mu’aawin (Collaborator) In Arabic

    AL-Munaaser: Supporter, Al-Musaa’ed: Assistant, Al-Mu’aazer: Helper, Al-Mu’aieed: Propagator, Al-Mumawell: Funder, Az-Zaheer: Back-up, Al-Muta’amer: conspirator Al-Mushajji’: Motivator. Etc.

    The Meaning Of Al-Mu’aawin A’la Al-Zulm (Collaborator) In Islam

    The Collaborator is with the oppressor in his aggression. In the collection of Ibn Majah in the book of Al-Ahkam, Hadith no.2320, it is narrated upon the authority of Ibn Omar that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Whoever assists, in any dispute, in oppression or collaborates with the oppressor he will continue with the anger of Allah until he perishes (dies).”


    The Meaning Of Al-Saaket A’la AL-Zulm (The One Who Is Silent About Oppression & Oppressors) In Arabic

    Al-Muqqer Ala Al-Zulm: The one who consents about Oppression.

    Al-Muhmel U-Zaalem: The one who Ignores the Oppression and Oppressors.

    Al-Lamubaali Lil-Zulm: The one who does not bother about Oppression and Oppressors.

    The Meaning Of Al-Saaket A’la Al-Zulm: (The One Who Is Silent About Oppression) In Islam

    It is narrated in the book of Ibn Hibbaan that the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said: “If anyone of you sees an aggressive oppressive ruler who makes the unlawful lawful, who dishonours Allah Rights, who governs over people not by what Allah (swt) has revealed without rising against him with a word or action, Allah (swt) Will punish him with the oppressor”.

    In addition, it is narrated by Al-Mu’jam Al-Kabeer of At-Tabarani that the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said: “The one who is silent about Haq (rights) is a dumb Shaytaan.”


    The Meaning of Al-Mazloum (The Oppressed) In Arabic

    The one to whom injustice has been done.

    The Definition of Al-Mazloum (The Oppressed) In Juristic Terminology

    The one whose divine rights have been under verbal or physical attack.

    The Types of Oppressed:

    – Individuals: e.g. sincere scholars, Mujahid, members of Islamic parties, Kurds, ordinary people etc.
    – Groups.
    – People: e.g. The Muslim Ummah, minorities, children around the world etc.
    – Countries: e.g. Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya, Rwanda, Somalia etc.
    – Schools of thought: e.g. Shi’ah of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the Sunni of Iran etc.
    The Types of Oppression

    Allah (swt) has given many examples of oppression and oppressors in the Qur’an. We list below just some of these:

    1. Polytheism- Al-Shirk: Allah (swt) says: “Polytheism or Al-Shirk is great oppression” [31:13]

    2. Disbelief – Al-Kufr: Allah (swt) says: “The Disbelievers are Oppressors” [2:254] He (swt) also says: “..Who does more oppression, than he who disbelieves in Allah..” [6:21]

    3. Fabrication about God – Al-Kazib A’la Allah: Allah (swt) says: “..Whosoever fabricates something attributing it to Allah they are the oppressors” (e.g. The Kufar, The Jews etc..) [3:94]

    4. Ruling by Man made laws – Al-Hukm Bil-Kufr: Allah (swt) says: “..Whoever does not rule by what Allah has revealed, they are the oppressors..” [5:45]

    5. Misquoting intentionally – Tabdeel Al-Qawol: Allah (swt) says: “..The oppressors among them intentionally misquoted what has been sent to them so we sent to them punishment from heaven because they oppressed by misquoting..” [2:59]

    6. Transgressing the limits Allah has set – Ta’addi Hudoud ul Allah: Allah (swt) says: “..This is the limit of Allah and whoever transgresses the limit of Allah he oppresses himself..” [65:1]

    7. Sin – Ithem: Allah (swt) says: “..We did not send a messenger but to be obeyed in accordance to the will of Allah, if only they had come to you to ask forgiveness because of their oppression i.e. Sin of disobeying you..” [ 4:64]

    8. Inclining towards, supporting or accompanying Oppressors – Al-Rukoun: Allah (swt) says: “..And do not incline towards nor support or accompany the oppressor or hell-fire will seize you..” [11:113]

    9. Living amongst Oppressors – Al-Sakan fi Manazelhim: Allah (swt) says: “..And you lived amongst or in the houses of the oppressors and we showed you what we dealt them, so take heed..” [14:45]

    10. Taking Disbelievers as friends – Tawali Al-Kufaar: Allah (swt) says: “..Do not take for protectors your brothers and fathers if they are Kaafir, and if any of you do you commit oppression.” [9.23] and also “Whoever takes Kufar as friends are oppressors.” [60:9]

    11. Misusing the property of Orphans – Aakil Ma’al Al -Yateem. Allah (swt) says: “..Those who unjustly misuse the property of orphans, consume fire into their bodies..” [4:10]

    12. Rejecting revelation – Al-Juhud Bil-Ayaat: Allah (swt) says: “None but the oppressors reject our revelation..” [29:49]

    13. Mocking, Slandering and using offensive Nicknames – A’dam Al – Tawuba: Allah (swt) says: “..Do not make mockery of each other whether women to women or men to men, nor slander each other or use offensive nicknames, the evil action is to call someone a Kafir after he has believed; those who do no desist are oppressors.. “[49:11]

    14. Preventing remembrance of Allah in the Mosque – Mani’ Al-I’lm Fil – Masaajid: Allah (swt) says: “Who is a greater oppressor than he who forbids Zikr (i.e. studying, culturing, teaching and preaching) in the mosque..” [2:114]

    15. Giving false Testimony – Katem Al-Shahadah: Allah (swt) says: “..Who are more oppressive than those who hide the testimony.” [2:140]

    16. Lying about Revelation – Iddi’aa Al -Wahi: Allah (swt) says: “..Who is more of an oppressor than the one who lies about Allah or says: ‘I have received revelation’ when he has received none..”[6:93]

    17. Misguiding the People -Tadhlell Al-Naas: Allah (swt) says: “..Who does more oppression than he who leads the people astray.”[6:144]

    18. Murdering – Al-Qatel: Allah (swt) says: “..If anyone is killed unlawfully the oppressed’s family will have the right to forgive or ask for blood money.” [17:33]

    Punishment of Oppressors

    The punishment for those who commit oppression will be severe, unrelenting and without mitigation. The list below shows some of the verses from the Qur’an where Allah (swt) mentions such punishment:

    1. Allah’s promise of punishment – Al-Wa’eed Bil-A’zaab: Allah (swt) says: “Whoever oppresses we shall punish and when he returns to his Lord He will punish him with a punishment unheard of (Before)..” [18:87]

    Allah (swt) also says: “If only the Oppressors could see the punishment; that to Allah belongs All power and that He will punish severely” [2:165]

    2. Punishment from heaven – Al-Rijz Mina-Al-Samaa: Allah (swt) says: “So we sent to the Oppressors Punishment from heaven, for they infringed (Our command) repeatedly” [2:59]

    3. Severe punishment – Azaab Ba’ees: Allah (swt) says: “When they disregarded the warnings that had been given to them. we rescued those who forbade evil; but we visited the oppressors with a grievous punishment, because they were given to transgression” [7.165]

    4. Complete annihilation – As-Saihah: Allah (swt) says: “The (mighty) blast overtook the oppressors, and they lay prostrate in their homes before the morning” [11:67]

    Allah (swt) also says: “When our decree issued, we saved Shu’aib and those who believed with him, by (special) mercy form ourselves but the (mighty) blast did seize the oppressors, and they lay prostrate in their homes by the morning” [11:94]

    5. No support or intercession on the Day of Judgement – La Takhfeef Lil-Azaab: Allah (swt) says: “When the oppressors (actually) see the penalty, then will it in no way be mitigated, nor will they receive respite” [16:85]

    6. Drowning – Al-Gharaq: Allah (swt) says: “And address Me not in favour of the oppressors; for they shall be drowned (in the flood)” [23:27]

    7. Destruction of houses – Damaar Buyutihim: Allah (swt) says: “Now such were their houses in utter ruin, because they practiced oppression” [27:52]

    8. Making them dumb – Al-Kharass: Allah (swt) says: “And the word will be fulfilled because of their oppression, and then they will be unable to speak (in plea)” [27:85]

    9. Hell-Fire -A’zaab Al-Naar: Allah (swt) says: “And we shall say to the Oppressors: Taste ye the punishment of the fire” [34:42]

    10. Punishing their wives – Hashrihim ma’ Azwajahum: Allah (swt) says: “Bring ye up, it shall be said, the oppressors and their wives and the things they worshipped besides Allah, and lead them to the path of the fire” [37:22]

    11. No compensation will be accepted – Al-Fiddyah Bil-Kul Al-A’rdh: Allah (swt) says:

    “Even if the oppressors had all that there is on Earth, and as much more (in vain) would they offer it for ransom from the pain of the punishment on the Day of Judgement” [39:47]

    12. No mercy – Hirmaan ar-Rahmah: Allah (swt) says: “My Mercy will not extend to the oppressors”[2:124]

    13. Animosity towards oppressors – Al- U’dwaan A’la Al -Zaalemeen: Allah (swt) says: “And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah; But if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those oppressors” [2:193]

    14. Hell-fire forever – Al-Naar: Allah (swt) says: “Their abode will be the fire; and evil is the home of the oppressors” [3:151]

    A Warning to the Oppressors

    Those who transgress the limits set by Allah (swt) have been given clear warning of punishment in the Qur’an:

    1. Warning to Sects – Al-Wa’eed: Allah (swt) says: “But sects from among themselves fell into disagreement.. Then woe to the oppressors, from the penalty of a grievous day” [43:65]

    2. Admonishment – Al-Nazeer: Allah (swt) says: “And before this, was the book of Moses as a guide and a mercy; and this book confirms (it) in the Arabic tongue; to admonish the oppressors, and as glad tidings to those who do right” [46:12]

    3. Holding back Wives – Al-Muallakkah: Allah (swt) says: “Either take them back (i.e. divorced women) on equitable terms or set them free on equitable terms; but do not take them back to injure them or to take undue advantage; if anyone does that, he does oppression to his soul” [2:231]

    4. Right over oppressors – Al-Sabeel Ala Al-Zalamah: Allah (swt) says: “The blame is only against those who oppress men with oppression and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land, defying right and Justice” [42:42]

    5. Do not take oppressors as friends – Al-A’adh Ala Al-Assabi’: Allah (swt) says: “The day that the oppressor will bite at his hands, he will say ‘Oh! Would that I had taken a (straight) path with the Messenger! Ah! Woe is me! Would that I had never taken such a one for a Friend!” [25:27-8]

    6. Speak against them – Al-Jaher: Allah (swt) says: “Allah does not like people to speak bad openly about anyone, except where there has been oppression” [4:148]

    7. No Intercession – Laa Shaa’ah: Allah (swt) says: “No intercessors will the oppressors have, who could be listened to” [40:18]

    8. In the Musnad of Imam Ahmed, vol.5, p.72, It is narrated by Abu Hara Al-Raqashi that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said “Listen to me and you will be saved, do not oppress! Do not oppress! Do not oppress!”

    9. In the collection of Tabarani, in his book Al-Musnad Al-Kabir, it is narrated upon the authority of Ummamah that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “My intercession will never reach two kinds of people from my Ummah: an Oppressive, aggressive ruler and one who lies about the rules of Allah but does not comply with his fabrications himself”.

    10. In the collection of Bukhari, it is narrated upon the authority of Abu Musa that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Allah will delay punishment of the oppressor but when He (swt) punishes him he will never escape” and He (saw) quoted from the Qur’an: “Verily the punishment of Allah is severe for the people of a city whose residents are oppressors” [11:103]

    11. In the collection of Muslim, it is narrated upon the authority of Ibnu Hisham that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: “Allah will punish those who torture people.”

    A Warning to the Silent

    It is a mercy from Allah that He (swt) sent to all nations a messenger to warn their people no tto oppress each other and He (swt) sent Muhammad (saw) to all of mankind as a mercy and guidance to remove all kufr and to make the Deen of Islam dominant. Since no messenger will come after Muhammad (saw) it is our responsibility to forbid evil (munkar) and to enjoin good (maoruf). If we do not do this wherever we are i.e. if we remain silent about the oppression we have been warned of punishment by Allah (swt). The oppressor, his assistant and the one who is silent about the oppression are equal in their oppression and will all be subject to punishment in the hereafter. Some verses from the Qur’an warning those who remain silent or assist in oppression are listed below:

    1. Sharing the punishment – Al-Musharakah Bil-A’zaab: Allah (swt) says: “When Ye have done oppression, it will avail you nothing that day and ye shall be partners (with the evil companion or oppressor) in punishment” [43:39].

    Allah (swt) also says: “For the oppressors their portion is like unto the portion of their fellows (of earlier generations)” [51:59]

    2. The family of the oppressor – Azwaj Al-Zalamah: Allah (swt) says: “Bring ye up, it shall be said, the oppressors and their wives, and the things they worshipped besides Allah” [37:221

    3. Punishment – Al-Fitnah Wa All-A’zaab: Allah (swt) says: “And fear tumult or punishment, which affecteth not in particular (only) those of you who do oppression and know that Allah is strict in punishment” [8:25]

    4. Inclining towards the Oppressor – Al-Rukun ila Al-Zalamah: Allah (swt) says: “And incline not to those who do oppression, or the fire will seize you” [11:113]

    5. Living among oppressors – Al-Sakan fi Manazelhum: Allah (swt) says: “And ye dwelt in the houses of men who oppressed their own soul; ye were clearly shown how we dealt with them” [14:45]

    6. Removing Baraqah – Al-Zulm Yahjub Al-Tayeibaat: Allah (swt) says: “For the oppression of the Jews we made unlawful for them certain (foods) good and wholesome” [4:160]

    7. Removing security – AL-Zulm Yahjub Al-Aamin: Allah (swt) says: “It is those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with oppression – that are (truly) in security” [6:82]

    8. Destruction of Nations – Damar Al-Qura bi-Sabab Al-Zulm: Allah (swt) says: “How many populations did I give respite which were given to oppression? In the end I punished them. To me is the destination (of all)” [22:48]

    9. Similar punishment as those who oppressed in the past – Halak AL-Zaallemoun; Allah (swt) says:

    “Think ye, if the punishment of Allah comes to you (as it did to the oppressors before) Whether suddenly or openly, will any be destroyed except those who do wrong” [6:47]

    10. Destruction of cities – Halak Al-Qura: Allah (swt) says: “Nor was thy Lord the one to destroy a city until He had sent to its centre a messenger rehearsing to them our signs: nor are we going to destroy a city except when its members practice oppression” [28:59]

    11. Sitting with oppressors – Al-Jullus Ma’: Allah (swt) says: “Sit not thou in the company of the oppressors” [6:68]

    12. Oppressors appointed over us – Tawuliyat ul Zaalimeen A’la Al-Saakiteen: Allah (swt) says: “Thus do we make the oppressors turn to each other because of what they earn” [6.129] and

    Allah (swt) says: “it is only oppressors (that stand as) protectors, one to another” [45:19]

    13. Oppressors with those who are silent – A’azaab Al-Zatim Al-Saakit: Allah (swt) says: “They treated as false the signs of their Lord so we destroyed them for their crimes, and we drowned the people of Pharaoh: for they were all oppressors” [8:54]

    14. Listening to oppressors – Al-Sama’ Lil-Zaalimeen: Allah (swt) says: “And there would have been some among you who would have listened to them but Allah knoweth well those who oppress” [9:47]

    In addition there are many ahadith which warn those who do not address the oppressors or ensure the rights of the oppressed. We list some of these below:

    1. In the collections of Tirmizi, Abu Daoud and in the Musnad of Imam Ahmed. vol.1, p.7, it is narrated upon the authority of Ismael bin Qais that Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) delivered a sermon in which he said: ‘Oh people, you may recite this verse: “Oh believers watch out but you will not be accounted for the misguidance of others” but I heard the Messenger Muhammad say: ‘if people see an oppressor and do not stop him Allah will punish them all”

    2. In the collections of Abu Daoud and Baihaqi it is narrated upon the authority of Urss Bin Umayra Al-Kindi that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: “If the oppression or evil becomes widespread on Earth, the one who witnesses it and rejects it will be as if he were absent and whoever is absent at the time of the oppression but consents to it or is silent about it, it will be as if he witnessed it (i.e. participated in it)”.

    3. In the collections of Tabarani, lbnu Hibban and Baihaqi it is narrated upon the authority of Jabir that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “How could Allah bless people who do not ensure the rights of the weak (oppressed) from the harsh (oppressors)”.

    4. In the collection of Tabarani it is narrated upon the authority of Ibn Abbas (ra) that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: “Allah will never forgive those who are not ruled over in accordance to what Allah has revealed and who do not ensure the rights of the weak (oppressed) which have been taken by the oppressors.”

    5. In the collection of Ibn Hibban, Tabarani and Baihaqi, it is narrated upon the authority of Abu Said Al-Kidri that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: “No one of you should keep silent about the truth (if he sees or hears falsehood) out of fear of the people” and in other narration’s collected by Baihaqi and Ibn Najar, it is narrated upon the authority of Ibn Abbas (ra) that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “No one of you should fear the people when he speaks the truth or addresses the oppression because his saying will never make him near rto his Ajal (lifespan) nor will it distant him from his Rizq (provision).”

    6. In the collections of Al-Hakim, Al-Tabarani and in the Musnad of Imam Ahmed, it is narrated upon the authority of Abdullah Ibn Omar (ra) that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “If you see my Ummah afraid to say to the oppressors, ‘You are oppressors’ Allah will desert them.”

    7. In the collection of Ibn Hibban, it is narrated upon the authority of Abdullah bin Khabbab that his father said: “We were sitting outside the Prophet’s house and he emerged and said: “Listen to me” and we said “We are listening” and He said “Listen to me” and we said “We are listening” and then He said, ‘There will be after me rulers, they will tell lies and they will oppress, do not believe their lies nor help them in their oppression. Whoever does so l am free of him and he will never come to my Hawodh (place) of intercession.’”

    8. In the Musnad of Imam Ahmed, Vol.2, p.96, It is narrated upon the authority of Abdullah Ibn Omar that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Do not enter houses or cities of the oppressors except if you are keen to get what they will get.”

    9. In the Musnad of Imam Ahmed, Vol.1, p.449, it is narrated upon the authority of Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman that his father said the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: “Whoever assists his own Qawm (i.e. groups, tribe, people) in oppression he is like the animal who has fallen down from a mountain suffering because of his sin (i.e. Because of his collaboration).”

    10. In the collection of Ibn Majah in the book of Al-Ahkam, Hadith no.2320, it is narrated upon the authority of Ibn Omar that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Whoever assists, in any dispute, in oppression or collaborates with the oppressor he will continue with the anger of Allah until he perishes (dies).”

    11. In the collection of Ibn Hibban, it is narrated upon the authority of Ibn Masood that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Allah ordered the angels to lash a servant 100 times in his grave. He supplicated to Allah until only one lash remained ordered and then his grave filled with fire. When he was called (on the day of Judgement) he asked why he suffered and the angels said: you prayed without purity and you passed by the oppressed without supporting him”.

    12. In the collection of Imam al Munzari, it is narrated upon the authority of Ibn Abbas that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: ‘Allah said “By my dignity and holiness I will punish the oppressor sooner or later and I will punish with him whosoever saw the oppressed and did nothing.’”

    Resisting & Rejecting Oppressors

    Allah (swt) has given those who enjoin righteousness and forbid evil wherever they may be, his promise of forgiveness. Even if they live in the midst of all types of oppression and are surrounded by all types of transgression against Allah’s (swt) laws those who address the oppression will be as if they were absent whilst those who remain silent, even if they were far away at the time, will be counted among the oppressors:

    1. Preventing Punishment -Yarma’ Al-A’zaab: Allah (swt) says: “(The Messengers were sent) thus, for the Lord would not destroy the towns unjustly whilst their occupants were unwarned” [6:131].

    And Allah (swt) also says: “Nor would thy Lord be the one to destroy the towns unjustly while their people are righteous” [11:117]

    2. Preventing fear – Yamna’ Al-Khawouf: Allah (swt) says: “But he who works deeds of righteousness, and has faith, will have no fear of harm nor of any curtailment (of what is his due)” [20:112]

    3. Listening to them – Al-Samaa’ Lil Zaalem: Allah (swt) says: “And there would have been some among you who would have listened to them. But Allah knoweth well those who do oppression” [9:47]

    4. Safe from the fire – Al-Najaat: Allah (swt) says: “And we shall save those who guarded against evil, and we shall leave the oppressors therein, (humbled) to their knees” [19:72]

    5. In the Musnad of Imam Ahmed, vol. 4, p.14, upon the authority of Abbas Bin Mirdas it is narrated that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) supplicated to Allah on the day of Arafat for his Ummah for forgiveness and mercy and Allah responded: “I have granted forgiveness for your Ummah except for those who oppress each other”.

    6. In the collection of Tirmizi, it is narrated upon the authority of Jabir that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: “The master of martyrs is Hamza Bin Abdul Mu’talib and a man who is killed because he stands against a tyrant ruler commanding him good and forbidding him evil.”

    7. In the collections of Ibn Majah and Imam Ahmed, it is narrated upon the authority of Abu Umayah that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said to a man who asked him: “Which type of Jilhad is the best? That He (saw) said “A word of truth against a tyrant ruler.”

    8. In the Musnad of Imam Ahmed, Vol.2, p.305, it is narrated upon the authority of Abu Hurairah that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to make du’a (supplication) and say: “Oh my Lord I seek refuge in you from poverty, shortage of money, humiliation and I seek refuge in you from being oppressed or an oppressor.”

    9. In the collection of Ibn Majah in the book of Al-Fitan, Hadith No. 4004, it is narrated upon the authority of Aisha (ra) that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Command good and forbid evil otherwise you will supplicate and Allah will never respond to you.”

    10. And in another narration, it is narrated upon the authority of Abu Ubaida that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Except if you stand against the oppressors and force them to the truth.”

    Rejection Of The Oppressors Way

    The Ummah of Muhammad (SAW) is suffering today not only because of the lack of an Islamic authority or because Muslims do not do their duty but also because Muslim individuals and Muslim groups do not co-operate. The collective action usually merits more reward then the individual action however we find that Islamic groups and parties today spend much time, effort and resources either backbiting and boycotting each other or attacking each other in their literature and circles. It is time that we co-operated on good deeds and worked together for the revival of the Ummah whether as individuals, groups, parties or organisations as required by Allah (swt) in the Qur’an. Those who reject the call to do good have been warned by Allah (swt):

    1. Co-operation – Al-Ta’aawun A’la Al-Birr: Allah (swt) says: “Co-operate in good deeds (Fard, Mandoub, Mubaah) and piety and not in sin (Haram) and transgression; and fear Allah for Allah is strict in punishment” [5:2]

    2. They will not be guided – Dhalalah: Allah (swt) says: “Who doth greater oppression than one who forges falsehood against Allah, even as he is being invited to Islam? And Allah guides not those who do oppression” [61:7]

    3. Turning away from the truth – Al-I’raadh Ann Al-Haq: Allah (swt) says: “And who doth more oppression than one who is reminded of the signs of his lord but turns away from them” [18:57]

    A Final Point

    Allah (swt) says: “Those who conceal the clear (signs) we have sent down, and the guidance, after we have made it clear for the people in the book, on them shall be Allah’s curse, and the curse of those entitled to curse.” [2 : 159].

    And the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Whoever hides knowledge, Allah will seal his mouth with fire”

      • @ Gulzar Khan,

        It is the most convenient argument. I have no connection whatsoever with RSS. But even if I did, how does that take away from or add anything to the substance of my argument?

        You are no different from people on other side who discredit people by accusing them to be Jihadi / Naxalite / Paki sympathiser / anti-national and thus avoiding the responsibility of replying.

        Go into politics, dude! You are made for it. Er Rasheed just started one more political party in J&K. I am sure you have heard about it!

  3. Yawn! I scrolled through the above comment.


    I noticed that according to the dubious logic offered by the nameless (and probably jobless!) commentator, I qualify as an oppressor simply by virtue of being a non-Muslim. It seems that in J&K, there is little hope for me of being judged disapassionately on basis of my actions or choices. The cry seems to be “Down with the Qafir because s/he is a Qafir!” Is it?

    It confirms to me once again that the J&K issue is all about harnessing Islamic hate for Hindus. The noise about human rights, freedom and such is only that – noise.

    This is hardly a surprise for me. But good that someone here had the guts to say it like it is.


    It also confirms to me that Islamic zealots in J&K (as also elsewhere) are always spoiling for a fight and do not really need any real injustice or oppression to justify their violence, except as a facade to pull wool over the eyes of some credulous people.

    Since both my hypotheses have thus been confirmed, I reassert my view that India has no option but to fight this menace. I am sure India will win in the end.

    Because a society – even an Islamic one – can not go on forward endlessly on such fraudulent and hateful foundation. Sooner or later it will go into a deep churn and throw out these devilish bigots who twist religion for their vicious goals.

    Am I right?

  4. Since I wasn’t somehow able to sleep (and had finished watching as much porn as I could!), I again went back to the great revealations made by the nameless, jobless angel in the above comment.

    It says, those who misquote the Quran are also oppressors…!

    Need I say more? :) :)

    God bless!

    • You are once again a few cents short a dollar ol man.

      You response the same way no matter what, its pathetic really.

      ‘jihadi’ this jihadi that..you are creating bogeymen as we speak..

      here this is where I will spam you now…..ready here it is..you know why spamming you is relevant? To denounce the denouncer

      Ran out of lies, deception, coercion and innuendo ??

      Or perhaps you are busy with planning that yamraj visit :)

      Sanjeeev is a Liar, deceiver, & a Charlatan. Confront him with anything he will label your argument as a ‘jihadi’ etc etc.. Him & the like are only in here for to spread malcontent. They are the sort that after the army kills bystanders, terms it ‘alleged killing’ while on the same hand when a few ‘mighty’ gun trotting jawans are killed you hear from them “jawans were butchered” another ploy of the hegemonic beast. He is nothing but a tool.

      what scholarly work has he done, all he does is denounce scholars and those that speak out against the brutality.

      Soon he will be visited by yamraj and be born again as an e-coli inside a homosexuals rectum. This he may enjoy ….here is a smiley face ol man :)

      • @ Jonah Ryder

        Copy-pasted comment. Qualifies as spam.

        Your wisecracks would be amusing as a part of a gag-n-skit show on J&K, but they are not worth a reply.

        Ha ha ha. Please stop, lest I die of laughter! :)

        Now if you excuse me, I can address the more serious participants on this forum.

        • I dont see you writing anything to refute spam…you are doing the same you are as we say ‘dorkas malorkas’ :)

          They say laughter is the best medicine so ..you are welcome..you need plenty of medicine for your sick mind :)

          here it is again so that the person who read your previous comment can read this to go along with it.

          Shouldn’t you rid of yourselves for any serious discussion to take place.

          You are being filibustered…get used to it You Fascist PIG!!

          You are once again a few cents short a dollar ol man.

          You response the same way no matter what, its pathetic really.

          ‘jihadi’ this jihadi that..you are creating bogeymen as we speak..

          here this is where I will spam you now…..ready here it is..you know why spamming you is relevant? To denounce the denouncer

          Ran out of lies, deception, coercion and innuendo ??

          Or perhaps you are busy with planning that yamraj visit :)

          Sanjeeev is a Liar, deceiver, & a Charlatan. Confront him with anything he will label your argument as a ‘jihadi’ etc etc.. Him & the like are only in here for to spread malcontent. They are the sort that after the army kills bystanders, terms it ‘alleged killing’ while on the same hand when a few ‘mighty’ gun trotting jawans are killed you hear from them “jawans were butchered” another ploy of the hegemonic beast. He is nothing but a tool.

          what scholarly work has he done, all he does is denounce scholars and those that speak out against the brutality.

          Soon he will be visited by yamraj and be born again as an e-coli inside a homosexuals rectum. This he may enjoy ….here is a smiley face ol man :)

    • @ Sahil

      I read the two “comments” posted by you here. You seem to believe that (presumably profane) gobbledeegook will keep me from speaking the truth when intellegible English by Jonah Ryder could not.

      I am not surprised. Hateful daydreams and lascivious fantasies are part and parcel of Jihadi thought. It is one thing I will make sure NOT to learn from you guys. :)