Kashmiri boy died in Rajasthan, while swimming

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Rajasthan, India: Naveed Atiq had recently completed his degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management (H&GA) from Institute of Hotel Management Srinagar. Naveed a hardworking and brilliant student got his placement in a Seven Star Hotel Oberoi, Udipur (Rajasthan) and joined his job on 13th of previous month.

Naveed on July 10 (Wednesday) along with his associates went to Badi Lake, 22 kms from Udipur for picnic. While swimming in the lake, Naveed drowned and despite efforts by his colleagues and others could not be saved. Thus he remained in his job only 27 days.

Authorities of Oberoi Hotel Management and the State Administration called the divers from local army unit to fish out his dead body and in the late hours dead body of Naveed was fished out, which is expected to be airlifted to his home town tomorrow, after completing legal formalities by the local police.

Hotel Management at about 7 pm informed his father about the incident which created a great panic among his nears and dears and the locals at his residence (Shah Fisal Coloney Buchpora). Naved’s cousin who was in New Delhi at the time rushed this morning to Udipur to complete the formalities and receive the dead body.

Naveed was a son of Ghulam Mohi-ud-din Reshi, former Editor of Kashmiri Publications of Department of Information & Public Relations and a prominent writer of the State.

Several personalities and Organizations have expressed their grief over the demise of Naveed Atiq and shared their sympathies with the bereaved family.

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    • You are making yourself an easy target sanjeev..

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      • I think humour is better than violence, fundamentalism and Jihadi hate.

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