Indian army kills two civilians in Kashmir


By News Desk | Srinagar, Kashmir

Irfan Nabi Ganie
Irfan Nabi Ganie

Two civilians were killed in firing by Indian Army in Sumbal area of Bandipore district of Indian-controlled Kashmir- 25 kilometres from here, late last night during a cordon operation.

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Sources told The Kashmir Walla that the Army had laid a cordon in Markandal and during which a civilian was killed. Soon after the killing, protests erupted in the area and another civilian was killed when Army opened fire on the protesters, at early morning.

The two youths have been identified as 18-year-old Irfan Nabi Ganie son of Ghulam Nabi and Irshad Ahmad Dar, above 25, son of Ghulam Mohidin Dar.

The bodies have been brought to Srinagar for post-mortem. Situation in area is tense as people took to streets to protest. Senior police and civil officials have rushed to the spot. Senior Superintendent of Police Bandipora, Bashir Ahmed Khan, and five civilians were injured in the clashes between Police, paramilitary forces and the protesters in  the area.

Meanwhile, the pro-freedom group Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani has called for complete shutdown on Monday against the killings.

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  1. Very sad. Let us hope that this cynical, bloodthirsty Jihad in J&K comes to an end and Army is no more required to undertake such operations. My heart goes out to the Kashmiri society which is suffering this violent movement for so long. May Allah bless them with peace.

    Complete abrogation of Article 370 is the way forward. Citizens of J&K are our brothers and sisters. Why can’t we Indians get an opportunity to call ourselves Kashmiri?

    Fight this menace, India. Allah is with you.

    • Gulzar Khan,

      I have chosen my words very carefully and after due consideration. I have no reason to feel shame about anything.

      I reiterate:
      1. The violence was started by the Jihadis and not by the forces. The day the Jihadi violence or likelihood thereof disappears, the army will happily revert back to its baracks.
      2. Army is there on a task and not a hunting holiday.
      3. Army is conducting anti-terrorist operations at the cost of their primary task of guarding the frontiers.
      4. The so-called “struggle” in J&K is against Islam and against Quran. An intricate lie of it being a just Jihad has been created to terrify Muslims into silence. After all, Muslims are most scared of being termed blasphemers that anything else. This has been done by vested interests in Islamic “world” to perpetuate their hold on power. However, with winds of democracy sweeping through the Muslim masses, the day is not far when this mischievous “Jihad” begins to invite scorn from Muslims.

      Until then, India must fight. Justice and truth – not to mention Allah – are on her side.

        • @ Gulzar Khan,

          A similar question for you. Are you not ashamed to be a supporter of Jihadi killers who feel they are doing a divine duty by slitting throats, blasting bombs and spraying bulllets, in the belief that they will get to have an orgy of sex with 72 women in heaven?

          If you want serious discussion, please avoid rhetorical questions – i.e. questions the answer of which is already formed in your head. It will not help the cause of debate.

          • @ Sanjeev you have no answers you are blindly supporting killers …… and are taking of RAM RAJ …..Will Lord RAM Support these killers of KIDs … Shame

          • @ Gulzar Khan,

            Look who is talking about supporting killers. Wasn’t it you who in another comment, exults over the large turnout of people for funerals of hate-mongering, gun-wielding terrorists?

            Do you agree the killings were started by the Paki angels of terror and the army merely responded? Or is the Jihadi version of truth different?

          • @sanjeev

            1st of oll,u are quite far frm basic,wat indian droops are doing here,if thy will rape ur sister,what will u do,u surely will welcome them,nopxx he will dream to kill them,juss think sam is going here,inshala very soon….we will glow and show our effect…

          • @ Tanseef

            Attacking me will serve no purpose. I have never supported excesses. It would be better if you remain focussed on the subject.

            You have avoided taking on the basic questions. What brought the army in? Who began the killings?

            You don’t have to answer me. Look for it within and you will find peace.

            Until then, enjoy the privileges of AFSPA! Jai Hind! :)