In pictures: Two militants killed in Kashmir gun battle

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By Shahid Tantray | Pulwama, Kashmir

In the hours long gun battle between the two Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) militants and the Indian forces in Ichgosa village of district Pulwama- 50 kilometers South of Indian-Controlled Kashmir’s summer capital, Srinagar, both the militants were killed and the house was damaged.


The two militants were identified as Mohammad Abass Nengroo alias Faisal son of Ghulam Ahmed Bala resident of Hanjan Bala. Another militant killed, on June 5, was Altaf Baba of Pakharpora, the Division Commander of JeM – a Pakistan based outfit, for South Kashmir. Nengroo, a science graduate, had joined JeM militant outfit in 2011 on the motivation of Baba, who had joined the militant outfit in 2008.

On June 5, on a specific information, regarding the presence of armed militants in the village; Pulwama Police, 44 Rashtriya Rifles and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) launched a joint cordon and search operation in the village. After killing Baba, the forces started targeting the house in which Nengroo was holed up and was retaliating. According to the locals the forces couldn’t find the exact location of Nengroo in the house and they started heavy firing of Mortar shells from every side.

“At the end a few Indian army men brought a pump and sprayed petrol on the house from one side. They burnt the house. The fire burned the militant entirely in the house but still after that his body parts were found lying down in the debris,” said a local boy, near the damaged house.

The two storey eight room house was fully damaged into ashes. The half burnt newspapers, books and clothes were lying outside the house. “My books have been burnt. How can I study now?” said, Abdul Ahad Wani’s daughter. Ahad had built this house in 2002 in the orchard.

Wani’s family was sitting outside the house, crying, with the neighbors and relatives who had come to visit them.

At the funeral of Nengroo, thousands of people from all over the district were coming to see his face but they were not shown as the body was fully burnt. Near a Chinar tree, on a wooden stage, the body was kept with a few youth sitting around him, telling people not to see the body. Amid anti-India, Pro-freedom slogans, the funeral proceeded and the body was buried in the village graveyard.

Mohammad Abbas Nengroo (L) and Altaf Baba (R), the two militants a few months ago at some unknown location of Pulwama. Photograph by Anonymous







  1. What are the people crying about? A terrorist was killed not some great Mystic. Something is very wrong with the people when they mourn a terrorist’s death. Very depressing indeed.

  2. We bow before the selfless, brave Indian soldiers who place themselves voluntarily in the path of mad Jihadi terror so that India and Indians live in peace. We are all with you, Army. India has no option but to fight and defeat this murderous ideology. May Allah continue to guide and bless India in her noble struggle. May Allah forgive the Jihadi maniacs their blasphemous violence against innocent non-Muslims.

    • I think your views are biased, the Indian army are savages. They Rape and torture innocent muslims and sikhs in the valley. These so called militants are fed up and fighting back, if you was to actually go to kashmir and SEE for yourself you will see how the Indian army have zero tolerance to muslims and sikhs, Sikhs are indians as are the Muslims!
      India is not innocent as you think,they kill you for having beef or even distribution.

    • I’m actually disgusted with the Indian army’s behavior on innocent civilians in the valley, rape and torture. But this is nothing new guys….. 1984 operation blue star Indian army attacked the golden temple on a religious day simply so there would be more casulaties there murdered thousands because a so called terrorist was inside the temple….. again women were raped and men murdered and tortures at the hands of the Indian army. Indian government even went as far as having media black out from WHOLE OF punjab. Indian army are nothing but terrorists at the hands of a corrupt dirty government.
      Do your own research guys……. 1984 operation blue star.
      Now they are doing the same to Muslims….. and you Fools think they are protecting YOU. Looool wake the fuk up