Ode to the rains

JK Bank

By Nida Sayed

A splendid beauty from the skies descends


Embracing the Earth quenches its long thirst

Down hilltops, meadows and rivers it sends

Its stroke and shine in watery outburst


Children dance and sing with joyous glee

Utter utterance cannot illustrate the marvel

Snooping beneath the shade of tremendous trees

Bare feet caress the blanket of mushy moss


The carpet of green grass seduces smoothly

And the swish-swoosh of the breezes toss

As the sky shoves silver slings keenly

And drippy droplets of water tumble


Bursting bubbles bloom in the pond

And Fidgety Froggies croak relentlessly

Granules of earth erupt evasively

And resettle reluctantly upon the mound


The luminous lightening whips a cloud

Petrifying the fleecy fur-balled crowd

Whirling winds lasso the azure sky

Seeming sapphire to the eye


The bantering bugs crawl in and out

And blissfully buzz with thrill

Flowers ferment in a single drill

And their fragrance whee-whizzes around


And when the windy whirlpool unleashes

The fragrant waves gush gullibly

When a spectacle as such beseeches

The vibrant vision unfolding so skilfully

O Rain, Thou art so escalating
I await thy showers of awakening