“No democratic space left in Kashmir University, turned into Congress property”

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University of Kashmir
University of Kashmir

By News Desk | Srinagar, Kashmir

The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik today lashed out at the Congress party of India for turning Kashmir University of the Indian-Controlled Jammu and Kashmir as its “property” and said that there is no democratic space left in the varsity for students, but Congress high command is carrying out its activities there.


In 2010, the varsity banned student politics and razed the office of the Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU). Earlier they had sealed the office in 2009 after the state government pressured the varsity authorities to crush political activities on the campus.

The JKLF Chairman also said that the Vice Chancellor of the varsity is behaving like a halqa president of Congress. “He has been assigned the job to turn the Varsity into a Congress property. When even students union in the KU has been banned, Congress yuvraj (Rahul Gandhi) is allowed to organise conferences in the same varsity,” he said.

Currently, the KUSU is functioning underground as a banned Union and have been facing hard time to work for the welfare of the students on the campus. However, the Congress party has been visiting the campus and also recruited volunteers for its National Students’ Union of India (NSUI). Even the political leaders from mainstream parties have been visiting the campus to talk in conferences but the general freedom of expression has been curbed for rest.

Accusing the Congress party as a communal force, Malik added, “The party of Ghandhi Ji (Congress) has turned itself into a communal force and it has even communalized the Kashmir University.”