Torture stories of Kashmir reach Delhi University

Kashmir's Torture Trail
A screenshot from the documentary.
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By News Desk | Delhi, India

A documentary on the torture of people of Kashmir titled Kashmir’s Torture Trail was screened today at the University of Delhi’s North Campus for the students, followed by a discussion with Gautam Navlakha – an eminent civil rights activist and author.

By the acclaimed BAFTA winning film-maker Jezza Neumann, the film traces the victims of torture in the Valley, affected by the decades long violence and the repression by the Indian forces which includes torture, killings, and disappearances. It follows the prominent human rights lawyer, Parvez Imroz, as he documents the cases of torture victims to produce a report.

The report, Alleged Perpetrators – Stories of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir, was later released by Imroz and his team in December 2012. The report examines 214 cases of human rights violations and for the first time, the role of 500 alleged perpetrators in these crimes which contain even the officers from the Jammu and Kashmir police and the Indian forces. The copies of the report were also available at the screening for the students.

The 48 minute documentary also goes through the stories of protestors against whom the forces used brute forces to crush the mass protests. It also sheds light on the torture centers run by the government; from where, as the narrator says, as many as one in three Kashmiris have been hauled.

Parvez Imroz
Parvez Imroz

Since 2008 mass protests, in which more than 80 people were killed by the Indian forces, the people of Kashmir have followed this new phase of resistance. In the year 2010, the valley erupted again against the India and demand for azadi continued for months, resulting in the Indian forces killing more than 120 civilian protestors. Most of the dead were school-going children, the youngest among them was 8 year old Sameer Rah.

The documentary narrates the tale of the young stone throwers too, who were arrested during 2010 mass protests and were tortured. It strengthens the narrative that the people of Kashmir doesn’t seem stepping back from their demand for self-determination or azadi. Also, to seek the attention of the international community, Imroz, fights back by documenting the anecdotes, cases, data, and providing legal aid to the victims.

Post the screening, while discussing the report and the anecdotes shown in the documentary, Navlakha talked about the nature of the torture in the Valley and also mentioned some of the cases. He said that the Indians have to ask themselves these difficult questions of why people of Kashmir don’t want to be with India even after 66 years. “I think the self-determination is the most democratic way of resolution,” he said, while answering a student’s query.

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  1. Some people from J&K do not want to be with India because they have sold their souls to the Jihadi monster and have started hating non-Muslims. India not being a Muslim-majority country, is an automatic target of their hate and violence.

    We Indians have no option but to fight and defeat this murderous movement.

    • @ Gulzar Khan

      Do not intentionally divert the discussion. As I have said in my many past comments, it is the tactic of politicians to discredit / ridicule the person so as to avoid addressing the issues raised by him / her. I am sure you are not apolitician, else you wouldn’t be on this forum!

      Please stick to the issues and avoid attacking me as a person. It is meaningless.

        • @ Gulzar Khan,

          No. Intentional killing of innocents is against the dharma of a soldier. I do not think there can be any difference of opinion on this. But I seriously contest your position whereby you seem to paint India and Indian forces in pitch black colours. I will reiterate certain points which, though commonplace, are sometimes deliberately ignored by certain motivated parties.

          1. Violence in J&K was started by the Jihadi seperatists and not by the army. Prior to 1989, army was confined to the borders and was not operating in the towns and villages and carrying out house-to-house searches. I hope you do not dispute this fact. Soul searching is required on your part as to how this Hindu-hating ideology came to wreck havoc in the lives of an entire society.
          2. The troops are not on a vacation in J&K. They are there to do a duty. They are at an equal risk of death or injury. Indeed, hundreds of them have made sacrifices in past, fighting Paki intruders and some misguided kashmirirs who believed revolution flows through the barrel of an AK-47.
          3. A situation of conflict abounds in grey areas. This is an unfortunate fact. A bullet does not ask the target’s identity. Therefore, a situation wherein bullets get primacy should be avoided at all costs. We come back tot he same point. The violence in J&K was started by the Jihadis and not by the army. Therefore, the onus of ending it also lies on thie Jihadis. The elements in the J&K society which seem to be swayed by this hate propaganda, need to pause and ponder as well.
          4. Lastly, the fact remains that J&K (or whatever remains of it) is now a part of India. This nonsense about it being a seperate country is laughable. Each state – perhaps district – in India was a seperate nation at some point of time. The clock can not be turned back and should not be.
          5. I must also state that this “freedom struggle” is haraam as per Islamic jurisprudence as well. Islam does not believe in teritorial boundaries. Thus, it is of little relevance as to which country a Muslim is living in, as long as his/her devotion to God is total. Nobody (including Indian Army) has ever interfered in the religious practices of the Muslim residents of J&K.

          I see no reason for this madness called Kashmiri Jihad to continue. But I understand that there is no shortage of bloodthirsty maniacs in the world. I reiterate: India has no option but to fight.

          Thanks. Hope our discussion remains based on facts and does not degenerate again to ridiculing or discrediting the opponent. It is unlikely to be of any help to the cause.

          • @ Sanjeev Printing pages of Propaganda like point 1.2.3…. does not change the Reality of a thing ….
            by doing this Dear you are helping us …….KEEP it up….

            AND YOUR POINT NO:5 if this fight for one homeland is not haraam >> I THINK JUST LOOK AT YOUR OWN HISTORY

            LOOK AT Ashfaqulla Khan GREAT FRIEND OF Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil…….

            thanks >>

          • @ Gulzar Khan,

            Glad to be of help! :)

            I am not a Muslim and am unlikely to ever become one, as things stand today. So it is futile to discuss with me if India’s freedom struggle was Islamic or not. Noone has thrown you out of your homeland. Noone has stoped you from following your faith. Noone has stopped you from aspiring to the highest office / place in any field in India (unlike some other halaal countries which treat non Muslims with contempt). You elct your own government. You have special privileges under article 370 (which I confess I hate and would like to see the back of!).

            In spite of this, if you and your ilk was to perpetuate the misery of yourself and the rest of us, well, I would recommend AFSPA. It is the best way for attaining heaven through penance! :)

            May Allah bless India! :)

          • @ Gulzar Khan

            By the way, I am a little thick in the head. Can you please explain how my points are propaganda? :)

            Thanks and Amen!! :)

    • @ Sanjeev

      what i am trying to point out is that your point what you say that your Freedom struggle is “Haraam” than was it not Haraam for indian Muslims who fought English and is it not haraam for a muslim who is part of Indian Army >>>>>.>>>>

      Certainly it is not and was not >>. Because they are and were doing for there homeland and we are doing for our homeland…..

      • @ Gulzar Khan,

        Cool. In that case, why do you (and other like you) say that acting, dancing, singing, co-education, drinking of liquor etc is harram when there are many Muslims who do these things without guilt?

        You would say that these stipulations are laid down in Quran. However, Quran does not ask any Muslim to fight for seperation from any country. In fact, the concept of an Islamic state is dubious, of modern origin and finds no mention in Quran. Quran has no term which can even distantly mean ‘freedom struggle’. Quran only ordains a struggle against government if Muslims are being forbidden from practicing their religion. By no stretch of imagination can it be said that Muslims of J&K are being stopped from practicing Islam.

        Therefore this blood-soaked ‘struggle’ is blatantly unislamic. Of course, my argument is useless because cynical use of Islam has become a norm rather than exception in J&K. A sleeping person can be woken up but not one who is pretending to be asleep!

  2. @ Sanjeev you have told these things to Devbond Ulma who issued fataw for fight aganist English “that look Devbaond guys this is unislamic Muslms can not Fight for Mother Land ”

    Or should have told them then that you do not know Quran ”

    Just Shun this Propaganda Dear

    • @ Gulzar Khan

      I was not born when this Fatwa you talk about was issued by Deoband seminary. In fact, even my father was not born then! Allah is Great! :)

      However, I did some historical research of my own. This Fatwa was issued by Deoband on the grounds that British rulers were interfering in religious affairs of Muslims and thus Jihad against them was legitimate.

      Coming to J&K, it is only a raving idiot who will claim that Indian govt is interfering in the religious issues of Kashmiri Muslims. All people in J&K are free to follow their respective faiths. If there is any threat on this count, it is by the Jihadi murderers to non-Muslims. Muslims in J&K have never been persecuted by Indian govt or its institutions for their religion.

      The dance of Jihadi terror in J&K is, therefore, simply blasphemous.


      • The history is that Kashmir does not belong to India.India has occupied kashmir.Thats the ultimate truth…Alll this blah blah blah barking is useless…Its haram…Whatever it is I dont accept the Indian authority on Kashmir.And i am not a politician,i have no connections with any party.They are all thieves.I am a normal mango man going through his life.

  3. Lol on those people who try to mix movement of kashmir with Islam….Kashmiri movement is against the forced occupation of india pakistan and china…. I laugh on those people who say kashmir is part of their country like what mostly India and Pakistan say..Jammu and Kashmir is country which is under the occupation of india pakistan and china as to fill there own interests….