Govt propose play grounds to divert stone throwers in Kashmir

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By News Desk | Srinagar

To divert attention of stone throwers towards sports, state government has proposed to establish a play ground in every village and locality in Kashmir Valley. It has also plan to improve the part of TRC ground for football players to boost their talent.


“Sports is an activity which is dearer to youth. We (Government) will establish a playground in every village and in city. Sports will keep them engaged so that they would not resort to stone pelting,” said the Minister of Youth Services and Sports, Taj Mohiddin.

He said that every middle and high school would have its ground for various sports activities, adding, “We’ll arrange and mange funds for this purpose.”

Speaking about sports talent in the state, Taj said, “Our youth are blessed with talent. The only need is to provide those opportunities and infrastructure to youth to bring out their potential qualities.”

“We’re going to improve a part of TRC ground for football playing. We’ve best sports person in this game and the new ground would be qualitative in a nature for this game. But the remaining part of ground will remain for the rest of sports activities,” informed Taj.


  1. Good initiative. It is such positive gestures alone that can wean these misguided boys away from fundamentalist, Jihadi influences. Let us hope they get good educational and co-curicular opportunities so that they can grow up to be proud citizens of India. Govt needs to integrate J&K and the civil society of the state into the mainstream.

    • sanjeev assume that ur sis and mother is raped infront of u what vl u do go to playground and play cricket i have been residing in kashmir since 1990 and there have been many crualities and many more thngs and there is nthng bt to restort to stones

      • @ Dev Kumar,

        1. What you are speaking about is more myth-making than fact. I know that such things do happen sporadically in militarized regions. I have no intention to condone it. But to ascribe communal motives to forces for it is nothing but malicious propaganda. Troops conducting anti-terror operations in the middle of populated areas are equally at risk. Countless of them have died of terrorist bullets and bombs, far away from their homes and for a national cause. To negate al this in one careless stroke of language is unacceptable.

        2. You are conveniently ignoring the fact that violence in J&K was not initiated by the Indian state. Jihad started with influx of Paki terrorists, war cries given froom mosques, violent eviction of Kashmiri Pandits and attacks on forces. Army went in as a response, only after all other institutions of state failed to contain the carnage. To exclude this crucial aspect from the narrative is nothing but a cunning ploy.

        3. The movement in J&K is born, above all else, out of a visceral hatred of non-Muslims. Since it passes off as religion, no ‘secular’ party or body in India can gather courage to take it head on. Mollycuddling of fanatic Jihadis and fundamentalists is an oldsecular tradition in India. One ugly manifestation of this heritage is article 370. It has bred and nurtured anti-India seperatism and obstructed integration of J&K with India. Since the whole issue is rootes in a Jihadi ideology, no negotiations are possible until its proponents are either beaten down or they themselves undergo a heart transformation. Until then, India has no option but to deal with it as firmly as possible, no matter how long it takes. Hopefully, this malignant tumour called article 370 will be dismembered soon.

        4. Pakistan is not supporting this terrorist, Jihadi movement out of compassionate secularism. They want to further their anti-India, murderous Jihadi philosophy. They have found willing clients in sections of society in J&K and also elsewhere.

        5. Lastly, personally I have no doubt that this Jihadi madness will soon die a natural death. Hinduism appears to be weak and passive from outside. But it has taken worse blows. It has not just survived but thrived under utterly hostile Islamic regimes for centuries. There is no reason why this Islamic threat will have a chance in hell of dismembering this nation.

        Until then, Kashmirwalla can continue his (or is it her??) pious masturbation!