Civilian, Sarpanch killings have no relevance with Kashmir movement, says Geelani

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By News Desk | Srinagar

Stating that the ongoing movement had nothing to do with the killings of innocent and unarmed civilians, Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Tuesday said, that the killing of any unarmed and innocent  person affiliated with any political ideology was against the spirit of the ongoing separatist movement and should be denounced strongly.


“I tell with authority that the killings of civilians including Panches and Sarpanches do not have any relevance or connection with the ongoing movement and those unidentified gun men who do this should be unmasked,” Geelani told a news agency on Tuesday.

Assuming that these unidentified gunmen could be anyone, even people working for agencies and other forces, Geelani said, “You had Ikhwani’s in Farooq Abdullah’s regime and they used to take shelter in army and CRPF camps.” Geelani however made it clear that the “blind faces” involved in such killings could in no way be the sympathizers of the freedom movement.

He also asked people to refrain from admitting their children in “goodwill Schools,” and said that Kashmir infants were being brain washed in these schools so as to keep them away from raising voice against occupation.

“When our children go to school, they are asked what they want to become. The reply has always been a doctor, engineer, Professor or a Journalist. But in these schools, their brains are influenced in such a way that you get the reply of aspiring for becoming an Army officer to save the country,” said Geelani, adding, “This is how you indulge in keeping our young generation away from the spirit of raising voice against Occupation.”

Stating that the brains of young kids are akin to that of a clean slate, Geelnai said, “You inscribe what you want to, on these clean slates and it is there, when you prepare our young brains to forget the spirit of standing up against occupation.”

Geelani urged teachers in these schools to avoid going there and suggested to open more and more private schools of their own and at local level to impart quality and moral education to the young generation.

“Of course you get hefty amounts as salary there, but you should think that making money is not the only aim to achieve in life.” Geelani stressed, while referring to the teachers of goodwill schools.

The octogenarian leader welcomed the statement of Indian Rural development Minister Jairam Ramesh wherein he had said that Kashmir is being viewed through the intelligence agencies’ prism, and said, “ Now they all accept it that in Kashmir you don’t have any norms or laws to follow. You do what suits to your security and intelligence agencies without bothering for the human rights of the local population.”

“You hang people like Afzal Sahab to satisfy the conscious of your people, and then deny the mortal remains of Maqbool Sahab for 29 years and now the Afzal Sahab. This is you democracy,” said Geelani, with an obvious reference to GoI.

Geelani however made it clear that the ‘sentiments’ cannot be crushed by use of force and ‘Occupation’. He also suggested Ramesh to accept that Kashmir was a disputed territory where India is a ‘forcible and unwanted occupant’.



  1. It is Geelani and others of his Jihadi ilk that need to be made irrelevant in J&K. That will be the day when this paradise of earth will begin to look like its description.

    Thereafter, article 370 can be abrogated and the state fully integrated with India.

    India has no option but to fight this self-annihilating bloodthirsty ideology of blanket Islamic Jihad against non-Muslims.