You don’t cry: a poem on Afzal Guru

JK Bank

By Manu Kant

You don’t cry


when the bourgeois state

puts your loved ones to death.


I didn’t become emotional.

I am sure neither the teenage son of Afzal cried.

I am sure Tabassum didn’t cry.


You either erupt in a spontaneous revolt

and wage an unremitting battle until the victory

or you just become stock-still

turn your thoughts into a grand memorial

to the departed one.


I didn’t cry.

Perhaps, I had no reason to cry.

Afzal Guru was a Kashmiri

and I am from India.

Afzal Guru was a Muslim by faith

and I was born a Hindu.


I just know that on 9 February 2013,

I clutched tightly Lenin’s The State and Revolution

and secretly in my heart,

I unfurled the red flag.


Manu Kant is forty-nine-years old writer and poet from Chandigarh, India. He studied journalism from Moscow State University, Russia.


  1. It is quite obvious that manu kant is heavily funded by fundamentalist
    groups in Kashmir to pose as an Indian,that kashmiris are being deprived by the establishment of indian governance and its people, to provoke the innocent youths towards the destruction of India’s sovereignty and embrace pakistan.

      • @ Gulzar Khan

        It is better if you don’t take names of greats like Gandhi and Bhagat Singh who considered their principles higher than politics. Kashmiri terror movement which draws ‘inspiration’ from Jihadis and has no scruples against use of violence against non combatants is as far from India’s freedom struggle as it can be. The Hurriyat thugs run business empires and send their own kids to foreign countries to study. They incite xenophobia against non Kashmiris. They promote divisiveness and ask Muslims to stay ‘clean’ of non-Muslims. The ‘freedom fighter’ you are talking about here, was a terrorist killer who surrendered to cops and then became an informer, while simultaneously sheltering Paki fellow killers who were bent upon wrecking bloody mayhem. He confessed his crime on TV and then cried about his innocence. Such a consistent character! And you eulogise him!

        Lage Raho Bhai!

        • STFU Sanjeev…you useless excuse of a human…they ought to take people like you & shoot them in blind alleys.. you are the reason our country is stuck in corruption and separated in animosity towards each are a divider..not a deserve the worst.. you charlatan !!

          All you do is cleverly label people while denying actual facts.

          See the live in a jail..your mind is deluded..I pity you, I hope your existence has brought you much grief.

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          • @ Jonah Ryder

            I admire your language skills. They, however, cannot conceal the fact that you have chosen to attack me instead of countering my statements and opinions. You would make a successful politician, if you are equally good at siphoning off public money too! :)

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  2. u have done a great job here manu kant..trying to idealize and martyrize an anti-nationalist who had blood of innocents on his hands

    the problem with u ‘intellectuals’ is that they do not consider this nation to be their homeland or motherland..tell me will u react the same way if ur residence or kin is attacked..shame on u..i truly hand my head in disgust today

    @gulzar khan: please do not take name of Shahid Bhagat Singh..doesnt sound good coming out of ur forked tongue..please go back to pakistan or whatevr shithole ur ‘jihadi’ forefathers came from

  3. A few days back 5 of our soldiers were murdered in a cowardly, cold-blood attack by the pakistanis highly venerated by ur class (or rather crass) of people. They laid down their lives so that u can write ur stupid, insolent poetry within the absolute safety of ur house..

    U think they at least deserved a mention in ur blog?

    Shame on u mohan kant..u dont deserve to be called an indian..i stand disgusted today to even think that such people exist in my motherland.

    In all probability, u have to be a henna-dyed, bearded porkistani using an indian alias.

          • hahah :)

            Abuse you? Grow up baradar, this is the new Age of ill-communication.

            what about the actual abuse that occurs to & has occurred over the years by your occupying army? Deny that abuse but cry about someone calling you out in a forum? Please keep on being a hypocrite, it’s working out greatly. Hypocrisy is the bane of the current situation.

            BTW the e-coli comment is reserved for sanjeev..If you want I can refer you to Clostridium perfringens.. you twat!

            Go cry some more …haha ball licking ROFL hahah :) thanks needed the laugh

          • Baradar…??!! Don’t call me that u SOB..i am not a skull-cap wearing mullah who gives out hate speeches against other communities & Shi’ites and assassinates them.

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          • BTW where is ur dad manu kant..he doesnt seem to be taking criticism so positively and has run away to hide in tora-bora hills where his slain dad osama used to shy away when he was shit scared of Uncle Sam and his Hav Nap missiles. BTW theses missiles were Israel-made, adding insult to this can’t get any better..i am loving it

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          • @ Jonah Ryder,

            Are you in mood for some civilised discussion? Or does this to-and-fro of cuss words suit you more?

            Of course, the third option of joining a terror camp in Pak is also there for you. That is the fastest way to Dojakh ever designed by believers! Certainly better than wasting time in front of a computer screen talking down to an infidel! :)


          • There it is more Demagoguery from Mr Patwardan.

            I’m telling you ol man..senility is hitting you hard.

            There is no use discussing anything with you, you are a denouncer, a divider, & no gentleman.

            hey look I didn’t cuss..but that wont stop you from crying wolf.

            But hey blame is a dual edged sword, it is used for and used against. At the moment you are doing the blaming, keep that in mind.

          • @ Jonah Ryder

            You have resorted to personal attacks again, without speaking a word about the topic of the post. I do not think this will enrich the discussion in any manner.

            You are free to form opinions about me but it is really of no relevance here. If you really wish to have a dialogue, we must talk about the subject.

            If you do not wish to do so, well, I will amuse myself with your admirable linguistic contortions. I assure you I am not easily offended. :)

          • Yes We know what you are & aren’t, thus you have earned these so called attacks.

            Beware of the Charlatan Sanjeev, for he spins the web of deception.

          • I was off internet for a week. Disappointingly, I find that the nuisance of copy-pasted spam hasn’t gone away yet!

            I guess the Harvard pad is too cosy and comfy for the commentator to come out to J&K and dirty his hands with a fake Jihad, red with the blood of innocents! :)