Pro-Taliban and Pakistan graffiti in Kashmir; El-Horiah says no role in it

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By News Desk | Photographs by Shahid Tantray

On March 15, when people came out at morning, in Srinagar city of Kashmir, they found poorly drawn graffiti on shop shutters and walls. The graffiti, addressing to the state police, had a message saying, “JKP we r [are] coming”. The police was told to deface or rub the graffiti and some policemen were seen painting over them.

Meanwhile, the leading graffiti artists of Kashmir Valley who have been using graffiti as a tool to write different messages since 2008 civil uprising have denied making any such graffiti. Talking to one of the members of the underground graffiti artists group, El-Horiah, he told The Kashmir Walla that none of their men was involved in these latest graffiti and it  seems they are made by some random people. “They are randomly written and are not graffiti work,” he said.

Another graffiti artist (name withheld) said that he has no knowledge of these latest graffiti. “I have no role in these random written messages,” he added.

Police refused to officially comment over the issue but one of the senior officer then said that the agitated youth could have drawn the graffiti. “But we are right now clueless over the issue. It can also be a mere joke. But real threat cannot be ruled out either. We are looking at every angle,” he said.










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