JKCCS condemns Guru’s execution and clamp-down in valley

JK Bank

By News Desk

Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) has condemned the execution of Afzal Guru and the ‘brutal clamp down’ across Kashmir in the aftermath of the execution.


“Mohammad Afzal Guru did not receive adequate legal representation and material factual contradictions in the trial record, while noted were dismissed”, said the JKCCS in a statement issued here adding “Post-execution, all moral and legal compulsions continue to be of no significance to the State”.

The civil society group has also pitched for return of mortal remains of Guru to his family. “First, the dead body of Mohammad Afzal Guru must be returned to his family. The Indian State has no moral or legal right over it. The return of his body immediately is a basic, common demand”, the statement said.

“Second, from the clamp down on communications to the brutality witnessed on the streets of Jammu and Kashmir, it is clear that the victimization of people by the State continues. Using the veil of “law and order” concerns the India cannot circumvent the basic rights of the people”, it added.

“Further, the ban on communications is in effect a ban on information. The direct result of this is a stronger sense of impunity for State forces to carry out further human rights violations. This brutality must end”, the statement said.

The JKCCS has said, ‘the conduct of the Indian State from the trial to execution of Afzal Guru, in thousands of other cases of human rights abuses and in the present and continuing phenomenon of denial of civil and political rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir, makes them legally culpable’. (KNS)