From Afzal, to Kashmir

JK Bank

By Mahi Farxana Munshi


I walked above the dusty roads.
The untrodden ways in the morning.

The blood was dripping down from the sore skies.
I knew it was going to end the air in my lungs.

The curve on my lips just broadened more.
The echo of the eternal bliss was calling my name.

Just one wish was deep down inside.
To be next to my kins who would wail, long when I will be gone.

My return to the mighty one was decided,
but this tyrannical way I didn’t know.

Tell them what they can bend is not my spirit.
Even when I die, I will hang above the level of your land.

I will stand higher than you.
I will be the exalted like the name I have.

People of my land let you not get disheartened.
I will shine in the sky of freedom.

I will live in the ink of scholars.
In the sword of warriors.

In the eyes of the mothers.
In the hearts of the sisters.

In the jewel of the wives.
In the strength of the brothers.

In the soul of the fathers.
One day when the dusk of slaughter will be washed by the dawn of freedom.

I will breathe again with you.
I will live in the untangled tress of love.