After criticism, Kashmir’s girls’ rock band quits

The members of the Pragaash band. Photograph by Shuaib Masoodi for The Indian Express

In Kashmir- a disputed region, the first girls’ rock band performed in public during a “Battle of Bands”, in the capital city Srinagar, on December 22, 2012- hosting different local bands. Two days after the performance, the band members started receiving threats and abuses on social networking sites. Since then they have remained away from the public glare and have been told by their families not to talk about music anymore.

The band named Pragaash meaning “from darkness to light” in Kashmiri, has Farah Deeba as drummer, Aneeka Khalid as bass guitarist and Noma Nazir as vocalist and guitarist. All in their teens and in high school formed the band in January 2012 when they would go to Band Inn- a local music institute run by a music student Adnan Mohammad.

A friend of the band members, on anonymity, said that they have received threats for performing in public and making a music band. “They will not talk to any journalist. Their families have told them not to talk to anyone and play music now.” A local reporter, when tried to do a story on the band, was told they are no more performing now.

The band got standing ovation at their first public performance. “[…] one day I was surprised to see all music bands of Kashmir performing live in front of my eyes. It was a band war “clash of titans”. […] after the competition was over I rushed to my home and discussed with my family about the bands and the music they played. On seeing my enthusiasm for music my mom and dad supported me to join music classes at Band Inn,” writes Deeba on the band’s Facebook page.

Two days after their public performance, on December 24, a Facebook page posted a photograph of all the band members with the caption: “Personally, I consider them as shameless & spoiled brats. People may think of me as a narrow-minded freak but that won’t change my perspective. Have your say ??” (Sic) The post started getting comments saying that the music is not allowed in Islam- the religion followed by the majority of the people in the region. The thousands of reactions from people of different circles were mostly abusive and several were threatening them of rape.

“Post this status in advance The three band girls Raped at jammu And thrown into river” (sic), “These are Pig fart. They themselves are cause of rape incidents.”, “in k saath bhi waisa hi hona chahiye. jo dehli waali ladki k saath huwa. Besharam” (Same should happen to them that happened to Delhi girl. Shameless)  were the comments people wrote for them. They were expressing their opposition to girls’ band.

On seeing criticism and abuses for the band, several people on social networking sites started defending the work of the band. “It is kind of odd to believe in this day and age that people could be kept away from music…whatever be the morality of music, in practice there is just too much out there to control for anyone, let alone a few Facebook vigilantes,” wrote Mohammad Junaid, a Kashmiri-American anthropologist.

It is not first time in the valley that girls have faced such opposition. In past, girls were criticized for riding gear-less scooters, wearing jeans, using cellphones or driving cars. “[…] I hope the girls remain safe, and produce some quality music. And if they could make a rock band, I think they might be also able to deal with anti-music folks well enough,” added Junaid.

For them it was like a dream come true when they started learning music at the institute. “This was my first step to learn music. I mostly liked drum beats, so I decided to be a drummer…After [a] few days Noma and Aneeqa also joined Band Inn to learn music and hence Pragaash the band emerged,” writes Deeba.

Despite harsh criticism from different quarters of the society, Kashmiri women have been part of every field whether it is being dynamic at the professional level or in the people’s movements for justice. The women have even been a central part of the pro-freedom movement too. The band members, on their page, assure people that the band will be success no matter what. “…being the only girls’ band in Kashmir we get a lot of criticism but we will show everyone what we have in store for you guys,” the girls mention on the page.

Their guide at the institute, Adnan, told The Indian Express, “I am in love with music. I have suffered a lot while finding an institute to learn music. I don’t want these people to suffer like I suffered. I encourage girls of the Valley. I have found them very talented.”

The girls have been stopped talking to anyone about their band or activities in music. When I messaged the band members, through Facebook, to talk to them about their work, Khalid replied in negative. “Sorry. Can’t help you. I’m not allowed to answer any questions,” she said.

When told about the incident, a member of legislative assembly said that the Kashmiris have always been music lovers. “People play music and sing on marriages and it has been going on. The Chief Minister himself promotes the participation of youth in such events. If any individual or group is facing threats from people they should complaint and the government will provide them protection,” he said.

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  1. Wt kashmiri boys nd men r doing in kashmir or outside….does islam permit that….they call themselves as educated, but i believe they are more worst than illeterate jahil people…..called demselves kashmiris nd wt dey r doing in broad day Light, does islam permit that…but if sum1 else tries…then religion is called in between bcz they know that actually they themselves cannot move a single stone but can critisize others….this holds true for them…empty vessels make much noise….

  2. Dear girls have the guts to live ur dremz n juss give a damn to these cowards…if these pepl cannot love their tender nightingales , they r Gud fr nothing bt blabbers making stupid n irrelevant noises. Instead of listening to their hollow noises juss sing n sing n let their voices b lost in ur melodious voices… All d best!!!!!!!

  3. Its those hypocrites, who have sent threatening emails, etc to those girls, who should be publicly flogged. These anti socials claim themselves to be enforcers of religion but what they are actually are criminals n hv no right to be given any humane treatment…. people anywhere should not take their baseless threats seriously. N if music is sin then the definition of sin changes.

  4. Why the hell is people even bringing the comparison of Delhi girl? its a shame on Indian society.. how can even someone think like that? If something similar has to repeat then such morons should be killed..

    Meanwhile, read something which might chnge opinion of such people

  5. If you girls are facing any threats in Kashmir, you are welcome in the rest of India. Move to Delhi along with your family and enjoy the freedom from the religious hypocrites. My God! The amount of abuse that these girls are facing on that facebook page for just performing on stage is unbelievable!!! Are these people in Kashmir still living in Middle Ages? I used to be sympathetic about them when there were reports of abuse of AFSPA and all. But looking at the misogyny and fanaticism in that society, I guess AFSPA is justified. Otherwise all those goons who posted on that facebook page will kill independent, creative, modern girls like these.

  6. This backward mentality of people is so sickening and disappointing.
    Music is an art; performing infront of men or women, regardless, is a display of that art.
    Who is anyone to pronounce judgement? Moral police? God’s guardians? Because of such narrow-minded people and their medieval attitudes talented women like this have to give up their dreams and aspirations and conform to orthodoxy; align themselves with the norms dictated by institutionalized religion.
    And the rape threats are just disgusting. Such a shame! I wish Kashmiri women will be able to alleviate themselves from such oppression and marginalization. Our country has a long way to go.

  7. It was very depressing to hear whatever happened with the girls. I am so proud of them that they learned music and formed a rock band of girls.
    A life of women is not easy in India, because women in power or the one who just stays inside are equally powerless, because they are in habit of accepting all the nonsense. These girls are hope for new India. There are so many rockers closed inside the room because they are girls.
    But trust me time will change and it will change very soon.
    For people who don’t like them or are obstacles in their way will be kicked to hell. The more you will stop , the more women will rise.
    Cause everyone is equal and free :)

  8. I wont say that only the girls are doing WRONG, infact, every MUSLIM associated with “professional” music is doing a HARAAM activity. It should be stopped. Labelling & abusing these little girls is not humane… Their mature (muslim) parents, who I bet are very educated, are to blame… Islam asks its believers to be modest & this is a step towards the Dajjali-Zionist modernism.

    May Allaah guide us all and bless these little flowers with wisdom & guidance…

    Aameen! :)

  9. Brother Shahid

    Your words seem to depict that you are lacking in analytical abilities. Let me explain:

    1. Justifying a wrong thing wont make it right.

    Even if a hundred million murderers exist on this earth, you cannot justify murder. It remains a heinous crime. Similarly, professional music by (all) muslims wont turn it HALAL. It remains forbidden (HARAAM).
    We as muslims, have to denounce this particular trend: boys & girls alike.

    2. Empty Vessels making Noise

    It is hypocrisy when we try to LEGITIMIZE something that is clearly FORBIDDEN in Islam, just because We Like It. I am not denouncing you for not knowing the correct ruling (fatwah) on Music, but it seems you are defining yourself by that phrase you mentioned.


    • @ Abu Muhammad,

      Well done! Now listen to this:

      Islam has nothing to do with teritorial boundaries. It believes in humanity. It does not believe in compulsion of any kind. Therefore, all the following activities are unislamic –

      1. Death / other penalties for conversion out of Islam or for blasphemy. Most islamic countries practice this. Most Muslims support this.

      2. J&K freedom struggle. This struggle is unislamic because it is totally irrelevant for a Muslim which country s/he is living in as long as her/his devotion to God is complete.

      Am I right?

      • Sanjeev..This is not directed at you but to those that read your comments.

        You need not reply, having said that you surely may. Be it denouncing these retorts as spam or any other jest you try. It will just get repeated over & over & over & over…catch my drift.. :)

        If you are a regular on this site. You know these people like Sanjeev (& the like) as a craven sods that perpetuates the propaganda and agenda of India.

        Their purpose is to coerce and deceive the outsider who doesn’t follow the Kashmir conflict with vigor.

        Thus far they have abused, fueled hatful attacks both virtually and on ground.

        Please take their responses with a grain of salt & ask yourself why the voice of the Kashmir walla is repeatedly attacked by these hate mongers.

        I ask the reader to also consider the beauty of Kashmirwalla to allow them their voice as erroneous it may be. Regardless take this as your warning & please do your research on the Occupied region of Kashmir before coming to any conclusions.

        The voice of the voiceless must carry on, wether being attacked by the likes of mentioned or gaged by agencies on the ground.

        Truth must prevail, no matter how often and powerful the spin masters try to sabotage our attempts to putting it forth.

        Best Regards,

        A Humble supporter of the Kashmiri Cause.

    • now how are you supposed to know about Islam.. Pls dont comment here without propper knowledge. Infact, the just for knowledge of you and others, united nations adopted Islamic laws for the rights and protection of woman after it considered every religion that be sanatam dharm, christians etc so pls, dnt make fun of yourself. Thanks

  10. All praise to Allah, Music is haram . .totally haram. Whatever these ppl are doing and other besides them like siam bhat, is diappointing…. All of them them have a ill heart for they turn deaf towards Islam, shariah , Allah and prophet and ultimately their own SOULS… Very SAD

      • the truth is there no such things written in any religious book that “music offends religion”. it is a decorum created by some sick misers who doesn’t want to spent money on entertainment.
        i heard islamic cleric shouting “alah hu akbar” in a sweet rhythm tune every day from a masjid in our colony. the sound is soothing like any other famous sweet songs :)

  11. Hahahaha,sory to laugh at the stupidity of those who thinks that music is wrong in islam.There is not a single verse in the whole quran which speaks against music.Even Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) has allowed the music and dance on few happy occasions.Its the narrow mindedness of few bird brain and illitrate people who have spoken against the music as well as have threatened these innocent girls.

    • Dear Veer Shaikh

      Beware! You are laying baseless allegations upon the blessed Prophet (SAW)!!

      If you think of us as brainless or bird-brain, let YOU provide us the PROOF of what you claim to be allegedly the words of Muhammad (SAW)

      I DARE YOU TO FIND APPROVAL FOR “MUSIC” in the Qura’n or Sunnah!

      • Abu Mohammed Laden,

        I dare you to find a Quranic approval for the following:

        1. Death penalty for apostacy or for converting out of Islam.
        2. A ‘freedom struggle’ based on teritory and comprising of violent Jihadi attacks on civilians, chopping off their noses et al.
        3. Driving out non-Muslims from their homes just because others living around are Muslim, and asking them to convert to Islam under threat of violating their women.

        If you can’t, then give your halaal mouth a rest. All these things have happened in Islamic J&K.

      • Dear Abu Muhammad, show me one verse in Quran that is against music. As far as Hadith is concerned, there is text supporting it. Music is the food of the soul. Music is in in everything, its natural, you cant remove it.

        Hazrate Dawood had a beautiful voice.
        There are far more important things to focus on, like backbiting, corruption etc but everyone wants to follow things according to their convenience.

    • I dont want to advice anyone wat is wrong and wat is rite but I am just advising you to clear your concepts. Wat you dont know cannot be accpeted if others know it well and is penned down.
      So dont compare our prophet Mohammad (SAW)with any one in any situation. He (SAW) hated Music because it is prohibited in Islam…

  12. Kabhi ay nawjawaan muslim tadabur be kiya tuunay
    woh kya gardhoon tha tu jis ka ha ek TOOTA huva TARAA.
    to be a singer, such a lowly aim for kashmiri muslim girls. I suppose they hav been mis-guided by fanatical caste hindu brahmins. Muslims were created to lead, born to rule. They cant be stage performers. Set your aims high for muslims have been been compared with shaheen for whom even sky can become limited if he wills.
    Nahi hai iqbal naumeed apni kashte veeran say
    zara nam ho ye miti bohat zarkhayaz hai saaki
    moreover we dont need advices from fanaticals. They themselves have been involved in crimes against schedules and women. Set ur house in order. We know how to control ours.

  13. This horrible state of affairs in India is leading to v very dangerous end. One can’t speak what he/ she wants to. We are at the mercy of some fundamentalistic groupes encouraged by political leaders for survival. Be it Viswaroopam, Rushide, Tasleema or Nandy. But one thing is becoming clearer, for any ill of the country there are politics of power behind it, be it corrupt babus or corrupt judiciary or terrorism or rape. I feel sad for our country. God save India i.e. Bharat !!!

  14. Itz surprising that those who r talking abt the protection and freedom r themselves an oppressed lot living under the shades of ideas that r outcast.
    I want them to answer my question that wen DELHI RAPE CASE happenned were not there streets clothed with liberty and freedomalong side equality coupled with adequate security measures to quell down any threat. Was not this very liberty overexercised. And that girl how oppressed she wud hav felt.may b she paid the cost for this bloody freedom u brahmins talk abt. Then wat is the fun of such liberty. I will tell. This liberty is a means to ensure that the drunkard on your streets dont find it difficult to catch his prey when he wants to release his pent up sexual desires. When youth of ur states in an attempt to exercise there right abuse it. Wen they fail to lay their hand on a blue print movie or hire a whore, they vll get on to the streets to exercise their right. So this is freedom. Ur streets r not safe, ur roads are horrifying ur men r ……….., then y pretend to b humans. Stop this pretence

  15. Its so saddening to see and hear people making remarks and talking about religion for such issues… I mean we all are living in a democratic country and have right to do whatever is good for the humanity and I don’t find any crime in forming a ROCK BAND or SINGING… People making absurd comments on facebook or here are showing their own attitude towards their life so I don’t think such sic! comments should have any effect on the wise and freedom lovers…. I congratulate those girls for their performance and feel free and listen to your heart and Just enjoy life… don’t let it ruled by some self oppressed or downhearted thoughts….

  16. @ABISHEIKH. U certainly r a moron. U not only proved but acknowledged that the religion u follow is about promiscuity, sex and immorality. Perhaps u people enjoy when ur mothers or sisters shake their legs before a group of unknown admirers whose sex starved eyes follow their body contours.And its done for a mere praise. So sad. Perhaps u enjoy objectifying women under the garb of liberty. Moreover never has a temple devadasi been from upper caste. Y this discrimination. Here u dont want liberty but dignity. Stop harassing schedules and women

  17. I completely agree with prith the only thing we should consider above all religious shit is humanity … get rid of all these byproducts of a male chauvinist society …. women should be treated as human beings .. i believe …. but 90% of the indian population doesnt ….

  18. Yes this is copied & pasted from previous posts.

    Where ever you try to spew hatred this message will follow it in’Shaa’Allah

    The Holy Quran is the most read Text in the world, it is also the most mis-read, i.e people read it without knowledge of the meaning.

    If the Holy Quran is read with meaning and understood then In’Shaa’Allah many problems of this world will cease to be.

    Currently our ummah is divided and without a clear path. In’Shaa’Allah the ummah will come together soon and lead the way once again.

    Nothing escapes aakhira.. we all must atone and face Allah, this is the only truth in the world.

    I do not believe in the violent means by which our religion is being labeled, but I do believe in fighting against tyranny. for what good are my legs if I am made to kneel forever.

    These attacks against what is being said in the defense of Kashmir & Kashmiris are just that.

    One has to also wonder about the timing of this backlash against Kashmiris by the likes of Sanjeev and the many names the person uses to pander. The BJP run on the platform of division, this is what I see these people doing.

    My message is clear, a believer (a MUSLIM) until he/she interpret the Holy Quran in full meaning and applies that to their life, we will continue to suffer.

    The uneducated and ignorant are easily brainwashed, this enables clerics and muftis to take advantage of a desperate situation.

    If only one person reads this and passes it on to others then Sanjeev & the Kind have done us a service since this message has gone through to someone.

    Let us thank him/them.

    The compulsion to try and get in the last word is well defined in Psychology, known as ‘Takers.’ Islam also prohibits us from trying to get in the last word within an argument.

    My aim here is not to get in the last word, rather present the readers with an option.

  19. Copy-pasted comment. See my detailed reply elsewhere.

    By the way, this Grand Mufti was recently seen at a Shikara concert organised on Dal Lake, enjoying Ghazals and even applauding them.

    Just like some India-hating Kashmiris who, curiously, find no guilt in working or studying in India while spewing poison against her.

    Seems that double standards come naturally to some people from some communities! I am, of course, not generalising! :) :)

    • You of course are an Idiot! :) :) :)

      Jonah ryder is my name..just as yours is Sanjeev patwardhan… simple :)

      Btw I use your name to prove a point, well…call it a test..

      If there are truly Jihadi elements about India, the bogeymen which you have been conjuring..well it cant be that difficult for them to track you and then…the ol yamraj :) this will prove you correct ol man :) but alas you will not be around to celebrate, as you will be getting a hot load across your cell membrane in the rectum you will back in :)

      • @ Jonah Ryder

        Your wisecracks would be amusing as a part of a gag-n-skit show on J&K, but they are not worth a reply.

        Ha ha ha. Please stop, lest I die of laughter! :)

        Now if you excuse me, I can address the more serious participants on this forum.

        • Shouldn’t you rid of yourselves for any serious discussion to take place.

          You are being filibustered…get used to it You Fascist PIG!!

          You are once again a few cents short a dollar ol man.

          You response the same way no matter what, its pathetic really.

          ‘jihadi’ this jihadi are creating bogeymen as we speak..

          here this is where I will spam you now…..ready here it know why spamming you is relevant? To denounce the denouncer

          Ran out of lies, deception, coercion and innuendo ??

          Or perhaps you are busy with planning that yamraj visit :)

          Sanjeeev is a Liar, deceiver, & a Charlatan. Confront him with anything he will label your argument as a ‘jihadi’ etc etc.. Him & the like are only in here for to spread malcontent. They are the sort that after the army kills bystanders, terms it ‘alleged killing’ while on the same hand when a few ‘mighty’ gun trotting jawans are killed you hear from them “jawans were butchered” another ploy of the hegemonic beast. He is nothing but a tool.

          what scholarly work has he done, all he does is denounce scholars and those that speak out against the brutality.

          Soon he will be visited by yamraj and be born again as an e-coli inside a homosexuals rectum. This he may enjoy ….here is a smiley face ol man :)

  20. A warning to steer clear of people such as those that go around spreading hate and demagoguing the kashmiri voice. These so called ‘takers’ are discussed below.

    What are some of the qualities present in most takers?

    25 Warning Signals That You’re Dealing With a TAKER

    They act entitled to whatever they’re taking from you.
    They treat you as an extension of themselves.
    When they hurt or disappoint you they don’t experience guilt, shame or remorse.
    They won’t apologize to you, but will expect you to apologize to them.
    Their wish is your command, and if you don’t comply, you don’t love them.
    They believe their problems are someone else’s fault.
    They believe that you and everyone else are in this world to make them happy.
    When you give to them, they don’t feel compelled to say thank you or be grateful.
    If they feel taken from by you, they become outraged and entitled to become enraged.
    They don’t regret taking from you, but they regret not taking even more from you.
    They need to have the last word in conversations.
    They don’t take turns well.
    They are impatient and hate to wait.
    They interrupt or butt into conversations.
    They act as if they are always right.
    They act as if they are never wrong.
    When they’re frustrated, they feel justified in doing anything to make themselves feel better.
    They won’t tell you specifically what you are doing wrong or ask you directly for what they need— they expect you to read their minds.
    They are stubborn and you may confuse their stubbornness for strength and be attracted to them because of it.
    They aren’t motivated to know, care or do anything unless it gets them something.
    They are quick to ridicule or laugh at others, but have little ability to laugh at themselves or tolerate being laughed at.
    They either cannot or will not put themselves in another person’s shoes.
    They hold everyone else accountable, but evade being held accountable.
    They talk much more than they listen.
    They’ll expect a second, third and fourth chance from you when they hurt you; but they won’t give you a second chance when you hurt them.

  21. Understand the true reality of God and all things. Following a list of rules is not the way of God, especially if said list has no bearing in morals and principles. At best religious rules help the wayward; they do not govern ones life. Rules are man made. They are subject to error, fads and fashions, how society thinks at any given point in time. There was a time when slavery was considered normal. Rules governed the treatment of slaves. God’s will is not enumerated through religious rules. It is a positive force that is experienced. It is timeless and is always morally good; Slavery has always been abhorrent and always will be, no matter if your religion claims otherwise. Here’s a fun fact, the burning of crude oils, the use of money, the use of airplanes is against the will of god. Where’s that in your religious rules? Not to get detracted however, from the subject of music, and indeed, sound itself.

    At the most fundamental level, rock etc music with filthy lyrics merely satisfies ones ego, lust and desires. If one had only pure and clean thoughts and a burning desire for God within them, they would find such things anything from a waste of time to immoral depending on the level of depravity. However to abstain from said activity whilst still burning with lust, ego and other desires in the mind is hypocritical and false. And to tell others to do so whilst yourself burning with lust, ego etc is being a fanatic. God knows the inside of your heart, there is no hiding from it. Similarly a man or woman who lusts sexually on the inside but pretends not to in public- they have failed as humans and are depraved creatures indeed. A woman wearing hijab in public whilst wearing lingerie for her husband is not free from lust. A man ordering a woman to wear hijab whilst himself not holding himself to the same high moral standards and having lust in his mind is not being true to himself and is a despot. Men and women are equals and have both rights and responsibilities. For example, right to receive respect and responsibility to dress modestly- both men and women. How often does one see fully veiled women (whether hindu or muslim) (complete with make up and sexualised form underneath) with their t shirt wearing, virtual whip wielding husbands, themselves with uncovered heads. No doubt their behaviour in the bedroom is depraved and they both suffer from the evil of lust. The veil achieved nothing for the woman. She is still mentally undressed by depraved men in society and by taking off her veil and wearing make up for her husband she is herself depraved. She is still a second class citizen in a patriarchy. And the man’s virtual whip just torurted the woman into servitude and satisfied the his ego. The point is that vices must be defeated at the fundamental level. Actions support that rather than lead to that. Dressing conservatively doesn’t make your heart pure, but if your heart is pure you will want to dress conservatively, whether or not it is a religious rule. So defeat lust, anger, greed, ego, attachments etc and give respect to others. Dress conservatively as a matter of principle- don’t yield to temptations at any time- Not in public nor in private. God is all seeing. Back to the subject at hand, depraved rock etc music results from vices of the mind. Forcing boys or girls to stop because of some false set of “rules” is mere disrespect to their individual rights and freedoms, and a waste of time if the the source of the depraved music- vices in the mind, should carry on. It is a well understood that there is no such thing as “thought police”, evil people continue to be evil, regardless. Your fundamentalist rules do not make better human beings, they at best hide depraved behaviour behind the curtains (god is all seeing) and at worst you are a bigot and fundamentalist, in which latter case god wills you to be destroyed. And needless to say to the supporters of said music, you are depraved both outside and within- so atleast you are not hiding from your true self but you are depraved and that will keep you away from God and spirituality, inner peace and most probably destroy life. It is also a cancer, i need not discuss how so called emancipation is actually just depraved moral standards. Needless to say if the music was so depraved as to cause public upset, with let us say, public nudity, then by all means such anti social behaviour needs to be restrained, but that has nothing to to with your religious rules, it is about maintaining public decency.

    So with that out of the way. There actually is such a thing as good music.

    In an enlightened state of mind one would burn with desire for singing the praises of God and the wonderful gifts of the world including nature. The universe was created with vibrations (=sound). Sound forms a natural and fundamental part of all life, from the gentle rhythms of the stream to the sweet calls of birds. However in today’s world, global electro-mechanical noise, our abilities to hear, particularly subtle sound, is almost lost. Also in this day and age of depraved sex-influenced society, the visual is celebrated at the expense of sound. Our brains are designed to make primary use of sound as a sensory input and sight is secondary. The sound centre of the brain is closely paired with the emotional centre. Angry and lustful music may well incite anger and lust. But peaceful music shall have a positive effect. The blind can sense objects with sound. We are capable of sensing at very subtle levels. Even at metaphysical levels. God is experienced through metaphysical vibrations (That’s just a fact for you, about what is actually happening behind the scenes when you experience god-. It doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on your beliefs so no need to argue what you cannot perceive, God is truly great). Sound plays a huge impact in childhood. A newborn is born virtually blind but can hear his mother’s soft voice. Don’t mothers softly sing to their babies? It’s a universal truth, an in-built natural human instinct. Science proves that such sensory experiences as mothers singing has a profound positive effect on childhood development. Sounds in nature are soothing. Well designed peaceful music on non-electrical instruments may well be soothing.

    So as long as there is no evil in the mind, the mind will never gravitate towards depraved rock music, hip hop etc. The beautifully pure god-facing mind will find it loud, noisy, even disgusting depending on context. But the god-centred mind will welcome and gravitate towards soothing sounds like that in nature, spiritually inclined music (singing praises of god with suitable and indeed spiritually enhancing music) and indeed possibly innocently happy music such as ancient native American flute music. Basically it all starts with how pure your mind is. If the fundamentalist muslim, hindu or christian were for once to agree and accept the possibility of “good sounds”, they will immediately begin to ask for rules: good and bad, haram and halal, pun or paap etc. They know not of they true essence of reality. They merely live artificial lives, following rules externally to please some fantasy of going to heaven. Wake up bothers and sisters and take your lives back into your own hands. Don’t look for a reward to do good. Don’t look for disincentives to keep away from bad. Why should you need the promise of heaven or disincentive of hell to be a good person? That makes you a fake person. Instead be one with god. Love god. And god will eventually guide all your actions intuitively. Until then everyone knows what good moral values and principles are. Indeed atheists don’t need religion to tell them to be good and many are better people than so called rule-following Hindus /Christians /Muslims. It’s because being a good person is intuitive. We all know slavery, rape, inequality, greed etc is wrong. How can any good person think otherwise? Yet the fanatics choose to listen to false rules and ignore their god given ability to BE good (with very minor exceptions of genetically abnormal people ie born psychopaths, and those mentally damaged by their bad upbringing/unfortunate experiences; it is natural human behaviour to be good and a positive environment encourages and elicits this). So don’t start asking which instruments are good. Which are bad. Which genres are good. Which are bad. (in order to declare rules or commandments on approved list of music). It doesn’t take rocket science to know what is depraved and what is peaceful, surely!

    Back to music, it can be spiritual. The spoken word of god is accessible to all in the universal truth, the guru granth sahib (and nowhere else. God loves all human beings regardless of their religious label). It works at the metaphysical level through the vibrations of the syllables. And it is framed and enhanced by beautiful non-electrical instruments and passionate singing by the singer, the passion being the result of love for god and a burning desire to experience god. Even atheists report experiencing inner peace, calm, happiness, high emotions, love (for humanity) etc when listening to such beautiful music. It is because unbeknownst to them, their minds and indeed inner ears are designed to experience such things. God made it so. God is one. There’s no such thing as religion. Only the universal truth of god and all things. Be a good person. The End.

    Please open your eyes to the truth about sound and music. This post is not an exhaustive thesis on sound and music. Pray for complete knowledge and awareness in all things.

    Please don’t post your hate. If you are a bigot then please resist the temptation and instead use your energy in doing something positive. Feed a starving child. Spread peace and goodwill. Talk about the glory of god.

    With prayers for peace.

    A servant of God.