“Kashmir dispute main cause of confrontation between India, Pak”

Muhammad Yasin Malik, Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. (File photo)

By News Desk

Srinagar, Indian-Controlled Kashmir

The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik today arrived in Pakistan on a private tour, said the party spokesman, in a statement issued here.

According to the spokesman, soon after arriving at the Lahore Airport late Saturday night, Malik drove to the Pakistan capital, Islamabad.

“A large number of people led by the JKLF supreme leader Jenab Amanullah Khan welcomed Yasin Malik on his arrival. Several JKLF leader’s including Amanullah Khan, M. Rafiq Dar, Dr. Toqeer Gilani, Hafiz Anwar Samavi, Saleem Haroon, Saleem Butt, Raja Ghulam Mujtaba , several senior zonal leadership including JKSLF leaders were present to receive the JKLF Chairman,” the spokesman said.

He said hundreds of workers and other people welcomed Malik, raising slogans in favor of Azadi.

Malik had to cut short his previous visit to Pakistan after his father had passed away.

“At that time Yasin was blessed with a baby girl who was only one month old then. Yasin sahib’s passport is also valid up to march 2013 only. So to see his daughter after about nine months and also to get her travel documents completed it had become necessary for Yasin sahib to visit Pakistan,” the JKLF spokesman said.

While talking to people who had come to welcome him and media on Islamabad airport, Malik said that it is the people of Jammu Kashmir who have to bear the brunt and consequences of war and peace and love and hatred between India and Pakistan.

Referring to the recent incidents on the Line of Control- the de facto border which divides Kashmir into two parts; Malik said that these kind of incidents are happening because of the pending dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The leadership of Pakistan and India will have to accept this realty and accept that these kinds of incidents which raise tensions and Confrontation’s and put the lives of billions in India, Pakistan and Kashmir in danger cannot be eradicated without resolving this human issue on priority,” the spokesman quoted Malik.

He said that the longer it takes us to resolve  this dispute, will jeopardize the peace, prosperity, stability and lives of billions of people in India, Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir. Malik said that the leadership of India and Pakistan will have to take positive steps, show statesmanship and big heart in this regard.

“This will enable and ensure the peace, prosperity, stability and safety of billions of humans living in this region,” he added.

Yasin said that Kashmir issue is not a border dispute between India and Pakistan. “This issue is about the determination of future, prosperity and security of millions of Kashmiris. So this issue cannot be solved without the inclusion of Kashmiris in the process of resolution,” said Malik.

He said that sooner or later the leadership of India and Pakistan will have to accept the proprietorship and real party status of Kashmiris and include them in the process of resolution of the issue.

Malik said that without doing this one cannot think of any lasting solution of this dangerous issue and the lives of billions of Indians, Pakistanis and Kashmiris will remain in danger apart from suffering tensions, dispute, confrontation and uncertainty.

Malik also hoped that the India and Pakistan will show magnanimity, wisdom and better understanding and will take such positive steps that will ensure the resolution of Kashmir dispute. He said by virtue of this we all can live with a lasting peace, stability, prosperity and safety. (KNS)

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