JK Bank

By Farzana Munshi

Her hands are stretched out to the lap of cliffs
She’s climbing to heaven by treading falls


Her eyes are sapphire
Hair woven in gold silk threads

Her soul is the pearl harboured in heaven
Body’s scent pure as a new born

Alas!  Why is she drowned in thought?
Why are you blue?

The part I bore is turning my fate low, she says,
Lowering her gaze, the breeze gusting

My children are splicing away my love essence
I wail but they rend my heart apart

Disdaining every element that holds my breath
Their eyes cold, their hearts crag, but my love is deep

Her sadness sent a chill of fall down my spine
I am sorry, O Mother, I said, raising my hands

To plead the Spectator: Hold my mother
Rejuvenate her love in all