Tonight, I’m Gaza

JK Bank
Funeral: Thousands of people gathered in the Gaza Strip 15 November for the funeral of Ahmed Ja'abari, the commander of the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas movement. His casket was being taken to the al-Omari mosque in Gaza City for a prayer service before burial.

By Muzammil Karim

Tonight, I am Gaza


Tonight, my love
Don’t love me
Tonight, don’t!

Tonight, don’t tell me
The pains of our separation

Tonight, don’t show me your tearful eyes

Tonight, don’t hold me back
With your sweet voice

Tonight, don’t ask me to dress my wounds

Tonight, don’t remind me of our dreams

Tonight, don’t sing songs of our love

Tonight, just stop!
My love, just stop

Tonight, I am Gaza

Tonight, let me fight
Tonight, let me die