MC Kash releases his debut album, Rebel RepubliK

The cover of Mc Kash's self-produced debut album Rebel RepubliK

Kashmir’s first-ever Hip Hop album was released, today, by 22-year old rapper MC Kash, and he also launched his official website He has made several songs in past among which I Protest (Remembrance)- a song on the 2010 unrest of Kashmir in which more than 120 people were killed by the Indian forces, became a rage all over Kashmir and got him international attention. Rebel RepubliK is Kash’s first self-produced debut album which was released through his official website.

The album features ten tracks, including the title song “Rebel RepubliK” and “Listen, My Brother”, a song featuring Kashmiri rock musician and singer Mohammad Muneem and the band Highway 61. To come up with this album, Kash has put in lot of hardwork for last four months and taking up roles of songwriter, rapper, and music producer.

Through the website, Kash said: “These last few years I have been so blessed with people’s willingness to give me a chance and listen to my music and hear what I have to say. What else can an underground Hip Hop artist hope for and how can I ever repay all those thousands of people for gracing me with that kindness?”

“Rebel Republik is a step forward. This album is an attempt to take my work to the next level both in terms of the quality of my music as well as the depth of my message and my expression of love for Kashmir,” the website quotes him.

On releasing the album, Kash writes on his Facebook, “One of the greatest moments of my life. After five months of continuous hard work and sleepless nights, my dream has finally come to life. From making my own beats, to going to Idgah for inspiration, to absorbing the pain and strife of my people, to writing re-writing and revising and getting it done in the studio; the past five months will mos def shape my character for the future. I’m grateful to all of you. Even to those who hated on me while I was out of sight. You only added to my resolve. Thanks for that!” (sic)

“And to my people, my comrades, my brothers, y’all have a special place in my heart. I might not show it often, but I love you to the core. What else? Oh, I would sleep like a baby tonight. That’s for sure! Thank you once again. Much Love!”

Born in 1990 in Srinagar, Roushan Illahi aka MC Kash is a Hip Hop artist and has been determined to express himself fully as a street poet. He has emerged as a lyrical storyteller with a distinct voice and has gained a reputation for his work and determination. He belongs to a generation of Kashmiris that was born when the armed rebellion started in Kashmir in 90s.

Click here to listen and download the album: Rebel RepubliK

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