Kashmir University students protest against Israel

Students marching in the Kashmir University, protesting against Israel's attack on Gaza. Photograph by Faisal Rafiq

The students of University of Kashmir gathered in the campus today, to protest against the Israeli attacks on Gaza, which started a week ago. After gathering near the library, they marched in the campus, shouting slogans against Israel and its allies. Holding placards which read: “Khilafah is the solution”.

The protest was organized by the banned students union, Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU), of the campus. “Israel is the illegitimate child of the west and receives full support for its terrorist acts against the Palestinians. Hamas was elected to the government and attacking its officials amounts to terrorism and war,” the union statement quotes a student.

The students said that their bond with Palestinians is based on Islamic brotherhood and that the pain, war or peace of Muslims in whole world is one. A placard, held by a student, “Two state solution is rejected. No Israel Only Palestine.

“Israel is acting as the victim whereas it is, in fact a blatant aggressor, unleashing terror on the hapless people of Gaza and covers it up as self-defense with massive media propaganda,” quoted KUSU.

The protests concluded with funeral prayers in absentia for all the people killed in Gaza since the attacks started. The students prayed for the oppressed Muslims and called upon the Muslims to unite under the banner of Islam.

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