Hope is a flicker


Reflecting the innermost sorrows, the peripheral joys, the morbid isolation and the despondent alienation of a life which yearns for nothing more than a moment of unconditional love. These moments below instigate us to contemplate whether the race for living life has subjugated the worth of life itself. Whether accomplishment has coerced compassion, an emotion which forms the fundamental, most defining value of the existence of man, to take a back seat in this journey. Let us take you on a sojourn to the different hues and shades of this plethora of emotions which rekindles that corner of your heart which silently shouts a realization of duty to maintain the sanctity of the purest of all relationships.

Try to hear the sound of that sigh, try to see through the grim four walls of these people in old age homes , try to touch the spirit of optimism, try to feel the sorrow, try to connect, to be part of a selfless life. She lights herself everyday, the flickering light standing strong amidst the wind of life, a life for a purpose, to light itself and let her glow warm the world. Joan Clark said, “Hope is a flicker, a candle flame kept burning by the simple act of breathing.” That last heartbeat, that last breath, that last smile brings with it the finality of a soul, the finality of the beauty of an eternal hope.  Rohit Gautam brings you a few moments of this world where people from different families live like a family together.

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– Text by Sarthak Maggon



Rohit Gautam is currently working as a Photographer and Photo Researcher at Careers 360 Magazine-OUTLOOK GROUP, New Delhi and Freelance News Photographer for DEMOTIX-NEWS WIRE AGENCY, London.

Sarthak Maggon is staff writer at The Kashmir Walla.

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