In Pictures | Journalists in Kashmir

JK Bank

The year 2008 was not much good for journalists as they had to work in tough situations and more roughness was added by the restrictions imposed by the government. Curfew passes were cancelled, even when a senior journalist came out from his home to get his new curfew pass as it was announced on Radio he was beaten up. Another incident was when a local journalist was asked by Central Reserve Police Forces ‘why is he moving in curfew?’ And as he told them he has a curfew pass he was asked to show it. He showed and the CRPF forces tore it into pieces and asked him, “Where is your curfew pass?”

So no matter how much the inflow of tourists surge in Kashmir the 2 by 2 inch piece of paper will always replace human identity. Journalists are worst hit and they are targetted in most of the incidents like it happened with Showkat Shafi and the Mexican photojournalist, both were beaten up and then arrested. The probes are available in bulk so none concludes, depends if it has some interests in it. We have put some pictures here which show through what journalists in Kashmir go. Picture 1, 3 and 5 are taken by Faisal Khan. Second is by Mehraj. Fourth is by unknown.

A videographer is chased by forces near Jehangir Chowk, Srinagar in 2008.


A photographer, Shahid Tantray, beaten up and then later arrested during protests in downtown Srinagar in 2011.


Photographer Showkat Shafi beatn up and later arrested in downtown area of Srinagar in 2011.


A Mexican photojournalist beaten up and later arrested in downtown area of Srinagar in 2011. He was along with the photographer who is in the above photo. In this picture he is at the hospital for treatmeant after he was beaten up.


Journalists protesting outside Press colony- Mushtaq Enclave, against the government’s restrictions on their professional duties.