A Feminine Heart

I am your most loving mother.

Your ever caring sister, my brother.


I am your better half- your wife.

Your daughter whom you consider your life.


I take care of you, live for you.

Don’t I deserve a bit of respect, too?


I sacrifice my joys, happiness and everything.

In return, don’t I deserve even something?


I supress my thought for I fear.

You’ll feel agonized if you hear.


More than me you safeguard the gold.

Is it my marriage or I am being sold?


So to say, you gave me freedom.

But I here feels it seldom.


My heart aches and it pains.

I weep deep inside, like it rains.


O ye Men! I continue to suffer.

How can you still act so tougher?


Sameer Rashid Bhat is studying at Iqbal Memorial Institute, Srinagar. He can be mailed at sameerbhat94@gmail.com

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