KU and theory of relativity

Naseer A Ganai

JK Bank

How much a flower costs in Kashmir University? This strange question by a research scholar of the University left us baffled. “It costs around Rs 50,” he said. Then he explained the reasons. “The University over the years has employed large number of watch and ward staff, gardeners to look after vanishing University gardens that one gardener gets one plant to take care of. By that standard I think one flower costs Rs 50,” he said. I was surprised by the discovery.

Then he started talking about other discoveries. With few exceptions, he said, all Deans, Head of Departments, Professors, Associate professors have employed at least four of their relatives in the University. Some have even more. “But figure four is an average,” he said.

They also post their distant relatives in non-teaching positions like peons, orderlies, daily wagers, laboratory assistants, lab assistants and subsequently they work hard to move their files in the administration block to get them regularized.

Among students, according to the researcher, the teachers also make distinction. Like which student should be send to Germany or any other country on fellowship, and which student should be dropped. The criterion depends upon whether the student is relative of the concerned head of the department or not. If student is relative of the HoD, no other student has any chance. Everyone understands this.

Posts are advertised here to keep only one criterion in mind. That which of our relative can fulfill the criteria. For instance, a pass-out of the Home Science Department can become PRO and the pass-out of Mass Communication and journalism will not be even eligible for the post. And if an adhoc teacher files RTI asking why an ineligible candidate was preferred over him, the University has other principles for him. He is sacked that too without notice.

Here no Professor or Head of the Department retires. After retirement they all get position in the University. They either become member of dog committee, garden preservation committee, construction committee, deconstruction committee, car committee so on and so on.

In JNU one gets feel of being in the University. In KU one gets feel of being in car bazaar. Its campus gives feel of corporatization. After all the University has spent more than Rs 2.16 crore on purchase of vehicles, most of which were luxurious SUVs for use by officials. Among the 36 vehicles bought by the University is a bullet-proof car purchased for Rs 9.25 lakh. Bullet proof car for the University! Even in Kabul University I doubt someone has audacity to ask for bullet proof car. Don’t get surprised when soon KU will send requisition for Airbus to airlift teachers and non-teaching staff.

In KU faculty is concerned about research. It is not they are not concerned. They are most concerned. They are concerned about where they will adjust their sons and their daughters. And at later stage distant relatives too. And they do thorough research for it. And they do research which vehicle suits which head of the department, which doesn’t. They spent months together on the subject.

Don’t talk about non-teaching staff. They include registers, controllers, assistant registers, deputy controllers, assistants, senior assistants, clerks and above all contractors and spoons. Wherever you go in the campus you will see either a building is under construction or Chinar tree is being deconstructed. The credit for all this goes to non-teaching staff. The work of construction and reconstruction is continuous work here. Perhaps that is only work here.

Never argue with any employee in the University, warns the researcher. His relatives would come out from different departments and you will be lynched. I was amused by this definition of theory of relativity and acumen of the researcher. He really has an eye for research.

(Naseer A Ganai is a journalist based in Kashmir)


  1. “Here no Professor or Head of the Department retires. After retirement they all get position in the University. They either become member of dog committee, garden preservation committee, construction committee, deconstruction committee, car committee so on and so on”….

  2. Dear Naseer and others who have the same observances.

    The element curruption in a new and modified shape needs to be identified.A collective effort needs to be mobilised from outside and within this once clean institution.The buerocratic behaviour has now sleeked into the nerves of educational system which mars the right of meritorious and deserving fellows.Where a flower would cost Rs.50/-due to undue overhead expences of the sub staffer,it is easy to ascertain how the departmental budgets get sucked by the self interested & corrupt persons.I am surprised how many Anna Hazaari’s may it need to put the tools in correct order.I felicitate your feelings and wish the people arround you support your efforts if taken jointly against the rusted system.



  3. hats off to author..mind blowing…i wanna give u a standing elevation…u hv reflected true face of univ..i say this frm my personal xperience..they r just bunch of bastards ruling d univ…hats of to u..

  4. Favouritism is prevalent everywhere in the world, from White House in Newyork to a common man’s company. But the level to which U have descended about Kashmir University’s Status is absolutely WRONG. Had there been so much favouritism in KU, then we would not have seen the academic excellency of KU. 2ndly U have mentioned about the construction work going in KU Campus, TRUE, it is so, but tell me one thing, would U like to see three or four departments working in the same building? Absolutely not even a layman like it. I myself remember 50 students doing lab work in two small labs. Infrastructure including the construction work is a necessary step towards prosperity of an institution. In this regard we must be thankfull to JALEES AHMAD KHAN TAREEN (VC KU 2001-2004) who started the construction of buildings in the KU campus. I totally disagree with ur views. Being a passout of KU Sgr. i totally disagree with U.

    • Reyaz Sb: I am sorry, i have a problem……. don’t agree wid what all u say.. U say there is academic excellence in KU. Where is that and in which deptt? I wonder at this statement of yours. Mere opening of few more classes, and bla bla is not excellence…Do u even know how much is UGC spending on the varsity and what is the outcome. Do u even know where does it stand in terms of research and like…….I guess Naseer Sb has written overtly, the KU is neck deep in corruption and nepotism. Favoritism is marring the students there. Jalees Khan Tareen was only one able and dynamic VC at KU, he was chained by the evil designs and conspiracies of the faculty an others in the varsity. Please be corrected..

  5. Ganie saeb excellent research………….I have heard that the university convocation complex has 2 PROs…i think the convocation complex has registered a large number of advance bookings.
    Anyways KU is day by day getting ruined and d present VC seab has been there just to inaugurate class seminars,tea parties, music shows….Kya hoga KU ka………….This is not all most of the faculty is just seen roaming around Doordarshan & AIR srinagar laeving there regular university work………….Ab to khuda hi hafiz hai KU ka…..

  6. i suggest an investigation… mere acusations wont do. file an rti give it publicity. i assure u 90% of the empolyees (teaching non teaching) are kiths n kins of retired n inservice members of ku faimly.
    posts are talor made seats are created n marks are inflated in favour of blue eyed bafoons…
    another tragic story is of expliotation physical abuse.one of the prinple causes is that ku has not students union (perhaps the only university)
    i once again request come n file n RTI this realy a very serious matter.. now that you have started it let us finesh n acomplish it…

  7. This write up is an eye-opener for outsiders,but the problem of University is that the insiders keep their eyes closed,nothing will change in the university unless the insiders don’t show courage.How long shall they expect the pied pipers to get rid of the plague haunting them?This pleading victim syndrome is not going to help them.

  8. Dear sir,
    I am very happy to see someone replying in a bold words.In the month of september,a candidate had to appear in all india 94th electrician exam and he told me that he is already working as an electrician, as a chair lifter in Iqbal library.I asked him if he hasnot passed the exam yethow come he worked there.He replied that he submitted the registration form of directotarate of technical education with a highly reputed person in ku and got adjusted.That is how he is being adjusted there.No one is ready to check what is happening.our educated unemployed youth is being ruinned everywhere by government either by No pension scheme or by keeping them unregularised for five years

  9. Shikayat Hai Mujhe Ya Rab, Khudawanadaane Maktab se,
    Sabaq Shaheen ke bachoon ko de rahe hain Khaakbaazi ka!!… (Dr. Iqbal)

    If this is the most esteemed education provider of the state then what will be the future of the youth and forecoming new student entries in university, is clearly forecasted.

  10. Behold the revolution in the heart and twist the string of the ongoing system, it’s our future don’t neglect these issues. Its our right, it’s our money, the money of our parents they earned throught years and then spent on us building our dreams, not the houses of government officials or any other university officials/teachers or others.
    Change yourself then we can change the society, we have got the right to know what is happening to our money and the foreign funds ( government funds are our own reserves) make them accountable, choose your leader and sort your society in a transparent not aggresively. Now or never. Wake up my brothers. If not us then who will do it??? Any one from any political party?? Or from India or any one from university??

  11. These are general statements…very good….Follow it by names…which HOD/any other teacher/administartor has how many and who are these people( by names).
    Same is true of all other organization like BOSE, SMC, LWWDA, WDC, SDA and other autonomous corporations/PSU.
    There were some employees working under me and I came to know after 3 years that two pairs of them are brothers among themselves. I was surprised.
    Kashmir had long back gone to dogs…….Appointing a relative may not be a problem once but if it is continuous process and particularly when posts are delayed/not filled till a relative does not become eligible for this post, that is shameful.

  12. Well said brother…
    It has internally become a political institute,thinking just for themselves only but not for the education.In the varisity development is only meant for the university garden’s and HOD’s,associate proffessor’s etc. No one care’s for the development of student’s and for the quality education………