Aalaw Questions Moderate Hurriyat Chairman

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq | Photo: Shailendra Pandey/Tehelka
JK Bank

A Kashmiri activist group, Aalaw which has more than 7000 members on its Facebook page, has written an open letter to pro-Kashmir moderate leader, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq asking him to clear his stand vis-a-vis which side he belongs. The letter was published as a note on their page and is being widely shared by netizens. “These questions might be uncomfortable,” the letter says addressing to the Mirwaiz, “and you are absolutely not obliged to respond. But it will go a long way in clarifying the doubts, the reservations and the misunderstandings.”

The letter has eight questions for the Mirwaiz which start by showing their right to question him. “We also understand that we have a right to ask these questions because you are the face of the revolution and the face of our freedom struggle. Hence we need to know if we are following the right person or if it is just an illusion,” says the letter.

“The leadership issue of Kashmir freedom struggle  needs nobody to explain how messed up it is, to clean up this mess what Is stopping you from joining hands with Syed Ali Shah Geelani. All Syed Ali Shah Geelani  is asking you that the alliance of pro-freedom parties can exist when all demand an Islamic state. Being an Islamic cleric, I don’t think you should have any hesitation of doing so,” the group has asked the Mirwaiz. The letter has also demanded from Mirwaiz to come clean on his meetings with one of the interlocutors, appointed by the central government last year on Jammu and Kashmir, Radha Kumar. It asked that recently he had had lunch with one of the interlocutors from India, Radha Kumar. The group has questioned him for sharing the table with her and the others who were present in the lunch.

You(r) silence on Indian agencies conspiracy of settling down the foreigners from India in Kashmir also does not go very well. We want to know why you maintained silence on this sensitive issue?”

Questioning the “dialogue process” held by Hurriyat Conference (M), which Mirwaiz heads, with India, the letter had asked him whether he is ready to make the details of those meetings public. This group became popular during 2010 peaceful protests in Kashmir and its admins have been anonymous since then.

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