They have nothing to ‘Hide’ and little to ‘Lose’

By Raj Charles Imran

It all started on a day,
a day, a young Black man,
a man named Mark Duggan,
Was shot by police,
Under a pre-planned,
Operation-Trident as they call it
Meant to investigate Africans and Caribbeans.
And thus created sensation for unfair targets.
The police, the real-goons stopped,
the minicab, Mark was travelling in,
shot him, Yes they brutally shot him.
and worst came when they gave no explanation.
Can’t forget this is what led to riots,
Yes, the brutality led to riots,
Take cases of brutality throughout;
Remember the cops attacking teenagers in Manchester.

The poor are up, up against brutal austerity measures,
Angry young people with nothing to Hide and little to lose,
thus turning on their own communities,
they cannot be stopped, and they know it.

Youth, unemployed youth,

mostly Blacks and Asians in the beginning,
later joined by everyone,
in cars, on bicycles,
from one location to another,
from one street to another.
Makes me laugh,
at the conservative leader who once said
“There is no such thing as society”.
Years later society has given a harsh reminder,
of its existence to the British ruling class.

The elites are shocked,
some calling the riots as,
shocking and disgusting,
some calling it,
as mere criminality;
how can they forget where they belong
to “the dangerous class” as Marx called them.
They have fashioned it all,
While spending money into their coffers
Depriving poor of school and housing

To add to the isolation,
Here comes the censorship;
Social networking sites and media,
The media, which calls Ikhwans in Libya,
a democratic organization,
and working class in Britain as thugs.
The media which ignores peaceful protests,
The media which calls rioters in Syria,
as freedom fighters but thugs in UK;

I don’t condone riots.
Neither do I condone Cancer;
It’s necessary to find a cure,
than merely condemning it.
I reject rioting and looting,
but it has nothing common,
with the hypocrisy of bourgeoisie.

Winding up with the message!
A message to the blind-heads;
Oh! Come on you ill-breds all-across the world,
remember it takes just $40 Billion a year to end poverty,
end hunger, provide clean water, education and health care.
Well that assumes less than 4% of the richest,
even less than what UK spends on wars.

And remember times have changed,
the youth are thinking,
they will find a road to the truth,
to help them to find the right road.
The world will not join the Bourgeoisie,
and its agents in their hypocritical chorus of denunciation.

Raj Charles Imran studied International Trade at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. His first novel will be out by December 2011.

Thumbnail: Jeff Moore/Guardian

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