Poetry | Aaj Bazaar Mein By Faiz Ahmad Faiz

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Faiz Ahmed Faiz is amongst the most famous poets of last century. Once, during the dictatorship of General Zia-ul-Haq in Pakistan, he was arrested and taken to the police station in front of the public. In this context, he wrote ‘Aaj Bazar mein’.

The tearful eye, the noisy spirit is not enough, my friends,

the accusation of love is not enough, my friends,

let’s go today to the bazaar in chains’

let’s go with hands waving, intoxicated, dancing,

let’s go with dust on our heads,

blood on our sleeves,

let’s go to the city where our love lives,

everyone is watching –

-the city’s rulers,

– its people,

-the unhappy morning,

-the day with no purpose,

and the arrow of accusation,

the stone of abuse,

Who except us is their intimate friend?

Who now in our beloved’s city is left pure?

Who now is left worthy of the executioner’s hand?

Pick up the burden of the heart, my friends,

let us go, heartbroken ones,

We are the ones who have to be murdered again, my friends.

– Faiz Ahmad Faiz