Day 3: Curfew in Kashmir

For the last three days authorities have imposed strict curfew in the valley with the help of Army. People are imprisoned in their homes- causing many household problems.
From the shortage of medicines to baby foods nothing is availiable. Though, government is claiming the presence of army on roads is just to calm the protestors but it has caused serious inconvenience to civillians.
Journalists have been barred to go out and perform their duties. Hospital administrations face difficulties due to absence of paramedic staff and doctors. Doctors were not allowed to go to hospitals and moreover many of them were beaten up by police and paramillitary forces at several places.
A senior journalist working with BBC Urdu, Riyaz Masroor was beaten up by CRPF men when he came out of his house near Aloochibagh. He recieved injuries his leg and arm.
A day before a woman died when CRPF men didnt allowed an ambulance to proceed towards hospital. Adding to the death toll to sixteen.
Meanwhile, the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has called for an all party meet on Monday here in Srinagar.


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