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A decorated Khatmband ceiling in Srinagar, Kashmir. By Muheet ul Islam Kashmiri cultural life exhibits a unique intermingling of traditions from the age of Buddha to the Mughal dynasty.  In an age where nothing ever remained the same, the Mughals came to the valley and started spreading their religion, culture and trade. This included their art and craft, which consisted of paper mache, new types of wood carving, chain stitching and food. After the Mughal rule came to an end in 1753 AD, the Kashmiris capitalized on Mughal art and craft, making it a part of their culture. The craft passed

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            By Saima Bhat Zareef Ahmad Zareef with great sufi poet Abdul Ahad Zargar in late 70s. Zareef Ahmad Zareef was born on April 17, 1943 in Aali Kadal, belongs to a middle class family in the Old city of Srinagar. He resides at Baadisha-i- Darwaza, near Makhdhoom Sahib Shrine. His father, Ghulam Mohi-ud-din Shah, owned an embroidery shop at Pathar Masjid and his mother, Mokhta Begum was a simple home maker. Zareef says he was dearer to his father and owes the credit of being a satirical poet to him only. He believes that this craft of satire is

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By Zareef Ahmad Zareef | Tr. by Shafi Shauq   Before I narrate my suggestive tale, I salute you all with love and respect. Two decades so harrowing have slipped away, Yet it is not easy to breethe at ease. If the tongue dithers  and  nothing is said, People of tomorrow can’t know our today. For many an age we have been bearing torments, Burning is known when you touch a hot cinder.   A sparrow I saw perched on my pomegranate bush, “ What ails you that you shiver ?”  I asked the bird. “No use telling you, to